Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Vote for Barack Obama

Okay, I'm not really into politics and often consult my brother on things because I do not pay attention enough nor follow the news. But, I saw this on Yahoo when I logged on to check my email.

I can't believe a presidential wannabe can actually compare Obama to some stupid, drug addict person that has lost all custody of her children.

McCain was trying to say that Obama is just a celebrity name but if McCain wanted to he could have used a more respected celebrity, right? The ad campain people didn't do it on accident!

I'm already voting for Obama but seeing how McCain keeps saying what he is against, not for and keeps slinging mud at Obama just means that he is being immature and is threatened by him. I'm thinking it is because Obama is a better person, no?

If you Google both canidates Barack Obama will pull up double the hits too! People just like him more!!!