Saturday, February 28, 2009

Island Packers Whale Watching in Ventura

Today was the day. I was up working until 2:30-3am. Went to bed and got up at 6am and showered. I woke the kids up at 6:15 and we were out the door by 6:45 to pick up my mom and step-dad, Mark.

We made GREAT time, got there over an hour early and hung out in the the gift-shop section for a while. My mom bought everyone Island Packer shirts or sweaters and by the time she was done paying it was time to load up.

Mark ran to the van and put all the purchases in it and we boarded. Unfortunately (we figured it out later) my mom's hat and gloves were put in the bags of purchased items by the sales clerk and so she didn't have them on the boat. But, it was okay. It wasn't too cold (about 68 degrees F when we got back and saw the temp in the van) and there were places on the boat to be at the railing but out of the wind.

We cruised around EVERYWHERE... no whales, no dolphins. :-( We saw some sea lions and harbor seals, lots of birds, Mark spotted a jelly fish but it was gone too quick for anyone else to see it... that was it.

We went all the way out to the Anacapa Islands too. Hundreds of sea lions there. They came out around the boat very close to check us out. My mom said that they thought we might be fisherman with bait/scrapes to throw in the water.

But, no large marine mammals.

Afterwards we went to lunch at a nice Greek restaurant that is in the Ventura Harbor. We had ice cream at an ice cream shop a few shops down. Baby K had green tea ice cream. It looked gross but tasted good. My mom and Mark kept joking around and calling it avocado ice cream! ;-) We also saw The Lynx. It is a Tall Ship that is visiting the harbor. It is a large wood boat that looks like a pirate ship.

Something new to the harbor, little wood things that people can stand behind and peep their heads through. There was two. One was a sailor and a mermaid. The second was two pirates. We took photos of both.

Back in the van to the other end of the harbor, we went to the Maritime Museum. They had a small tank with live sea animals but it was for looks only (it used to be a touch-tank). We browsed, shopped, the kids watched a short video about the Anacapa Islands and the animals native to the islands. Little D loved the island fox and Baby K loved the dwarf woolly mammoth.

By the time we made it back, dropped off my mom and Mark, and made it home it was 5:15pm. A LOOOOOOOONG Day! But, very nice! I'm sure after getting up early and all the sea and sun the kids will sleep great!

I NEED to list on eBay but I still have my 'sea legs on land' so the whole computer/house seems to be rocking back and forth right now! LOL! Baby K noticed that before bed too.

I have tons of photos to post when I get them off of my camera and uploaded and edited!


I just got the email today that the kids' running club starts TOMORROW at 9am. Gee, nothing like last minute? But, my fault, the website did have today's date but I had been waiting for the email of the whole track schedule. Maybe I will get it tomorrow. They will meet their coaches and have some practice while the parents have their own orientation. We have to volunteer a certain amount of hours for the whole time or pay $50 per child so I'm sure that will be a part of the meeting as well as getting uniforms, figuring out if any forms are missing etc.

Maybe Sunday we will hang out and do nothing for the day?

Good night!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Space Day 2009 El Camino College April 25th Earth Day

The kids and I went to this last year and had a great time. You can sign up for two classes. they provide lunch. Lots of 'before and in between classes' activities, crafts, science ponders, etc. at tables in the courtyard. The whole thing was a blast. You must sign up right away because people come to this from all over!

The egg drop class took their 'egg parachutes' to the roof tops during lunch. The ones the dropped down two stories (or might have been three) and didn't crack, splatter or break won a trophies or ribbon. We didn't take that class or workshop but we did enjoy watching the results of it all while we ate our lunch.

The two workshops we took was one on physics and a second one on dissecting owl pellets (stinky but the kids loved it) and finding skeleton remains that they had to identify. Most of the kids here were older but D & K did just fine and we all had a fun day.


On behalf of the Ellison S. Onizuka Memorial Committee, El Camino College, and American Honda Motor Co., Inc., you are cordially invited to participate in Space Science Day 2009 at El Camino College on Saturday, April 25. This year marks the 23rd anniversary of the Space Shuttle Challenger accident that took the lives of the seven crew members including Ellison Onizuka.

We are expecting another great turnout as well as an enjoyable and informative day. Once again, the whole event is FREE -- including lunch for the first 850 participants. This year's featured speaker has not yet been announced but our NASA astronaut has always exceeded our expectations. We are anticipating another inspiring presentation for 2009.

Because of limited space, and to ensure a seat and early check-in, students should sign up now. You may register by replying to this email, or to or by calling 310-660-3487.

More information will be sent to all who sign up as the date nears. Check in will begin shortly after 8 a.m. on Saturday, April 25. The day will end just after lunch with the awards for the Egg Drop Competition. Once again, parents, teachers and administrators are welcome and encouraged to attend. Important Note: Because of the demand to attend Space Day, we want to ensure as many students as possible participate in the classroom breakout sessions. Therefore, parents and/or adults will be asked not to select tickets to the breakout sessions as you are checking in that morning. Adults will be able to stand in or outside of the classrooms or you may enjoy our outside demonstrations. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Please feel free to forward this email to friends and family.

Finally, for El Camino College’s Space Science Day 2009, an essay contest is being conducted with the winner receiving an invitation to meet and attend dinner with our guest Astronaut from NASA on Friday, April 24, 2009 at a local restaurant to be identified shortly. The winner will be able to bring 3 guests to the dinner as well – usually the parents and one sibling or friend. Only students in grades 5 through 12 are eligible.

Essay Subject

In President Barack Obama’s “New Era of Responsibility” there would be an improvement in science test scores in America’s schools. In order to accomplish this, what do you consider the most important areas one needs to study in the field of science and why are these areas important to you?”

Please submit the essay of 150 words or less in the body of an email (no attachments please) to Robin Dreizler c/o or fax them to 310-660-6786 or mail to 16007 Crenshaw Blvd. Torrance, CA 90506. The deadline to receive the essays will be Friday, April 10, 2009 at Noon.

Include with the essay, the student’s name, age, home address, phone number or parent email, grade in school and school they are currently attending.

All essays become the property of El Camino College and may be reproduced in print form, along with the identity of the author, in our Space Day Event or Dinner Program.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at Space Day 2009!

Robin Dreizler

Director, Outreach and School Relations

El Camino College

16007 Crenshaw Blvd.

Torrance, CA 90506

Office 310-660-3487

Fax 310-660-6786

Tomatomania is coming Fillmore April 2009

Winter rains and cold weather only make me more excited about the upcoming tomato season. I’m guessing that’s how you feel too. Fear not, as planting time is only a few weeks away!

As you get to work amending your garden spot and developing a strategy for this year visit to check out our entire schedule. We’re excited to introduce two new events for 2009.

We'll see you in Fillmore, CA at Otto & Sons Nursery on April 4th and in Lothian, Maryland at Greenstreet Growers over Mother’s Day weekend (May 8-10).

Some other highlights of our spring schedule:

• Berkeley Tie Dye. Goldman’s Italian American. Bi-Color cherry. Can you stand it?

• Our online selection at is bigger and better than ever, with over 140 varieties ready to be shipped to you right at planting time.

World Math Day

I signed up Little D and Baby K for World Math Day. They got to play games against children in other states or countries, based on grade level. Teams are by school or country. They both did a few rounds and loved it. They competed against 3 other children and at the end or each round it would tell them where they placed and how many questions they got right. Little D, or course, figured out in 30 seconds that he could change his avatar (LOL)! Now he is a little boy with a blue baseball cap on and sunglasses. Prior to that the avatar the gave for him was a girl with a baret! (No, I didn't do it).

The World Math Day is March 4th. You can sign up kids now. The 'math-o-meter' is almost at the top!

Obama family's first dog a rescue animal

I cut/paste this from People magazine link. I am loving the Obama family more and more. It is great that they are going to reach out and get a rescue animal rather then spend hundreds on a papered puppy!

This is great to share with the kids too!

The whole world, it seems, wants to know: What kind of dog are the Obamas getting and, for goodness sake, when?

Speaking to PEOPLE at the White House recently, Michelle Obama leaned in and confided: "You're getting some scoops here."

So, when? In April, Mrs. Obama says – after she and the President take daughters Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7, on a vacation for spring break.

Here's a sample of a typical family conversation on the matter: "So Sasha says, 'April 1st.' I said, 'April.' She says, 'April 1st.' It's, like, April!," Mrs. Obama recalls. "Got to do it after spring break. You can't get a new dog and then go away for a week."

And what kind of dog will soon be frolicking on the South Lawn? Mrs. Obama says she thinks she is going to look for a rescue Portuguese Water dog who is "old enough" and a "match" for the family dynamic.

"Temperamentally they're supposed to be pretty good," she says of the breed that Sen. Ted Kennedy has also lobbied for (he has two Water dogs of his own). "From the size perspective, they're sort of middle of the road – it's not small, but it's not a huge dog. And the folks that we know who own them have raved about them. So that's where we're leaning."

You can read the whole article here;,,20261257,00.html

Living on a Dime's today's tips

Today's Tips:

Use chocolate drink mix or cocoa to flour your cake pans when making a dark cake (like chocolate).

Homemade pan grease: 2 parts solid vegetable shortening - 1 part flour. Mix and place in a container. I keep a paper towel in mine that I use to rub it into the pan.

Add 1 tsp. lemon juice in your cake recipe when creaming butter and sugar to make the cake fluffier. If you keep it on hand, you can also use 1 Tbsp. meringue powder to do the same thing. Meringue powder is found in your cake decorating section at Wal Mart.

Another way to lighten a cake is to separate the eggs, beat the whites and fold them in at the end of mixing.

Cream the butter well (5 minutes) when making a cake. This adds air to it and also helps make a lighter cake.

Line the bottom of the pan with wax paper. This is an extra step but it makes it so much easier getting the cake out of the pan and really saves time in the long run. To get the right size of wax paper just set the pan on a piece of wax paper and trace around the pan with the point of the scissors. It leaves enough of a mark for you to see to cut around.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

fun learning site from Jenn

ever heard of ? you can get cool learning games to play there and just keep hitting 'maybe later' when asked to pay. Play all you want. Great games for the kids. Learning games too. We have played the math ones with the secret agent chameleon and both kids enjoyed it!


Jane's son, John on piano

I thought these were great to share. They are all of Jane's son, John, playing on the piano. He was dressed up for a violin performance he gave and was doing this afterwards, just for his mom! All I can say is WOW! :-)

Confessions of a Shopaholic story on breastfeeding Isla Fisher

Isla Fisher to breastfeed for life
23 Feb 2009
'Confessions of a Shopaholic' star Isla Fisher has joked she will
breastfeed her 15-month-old daughter Olive until she goes to university.

Isla Fisher will breastfeed her daughter until she goes to university.
The 'Confessions of a Shopaholic' actress has joked she will only
stop nursing Olive - her 15-month-old daughter with fiance Sacha
Baron Cohen - when she leaves home.
She said: "I am still breastfeeding. I'm only going to stop when
Olive goes to university!"
Isla insists she lost most of her post baby weight within four months
by breastfeeding and also by working with a personal trainer.
Despite her slim figure, the Australian beauty revealed being a
mother has given her a healthy appetite and she loves indulging in
sweet treats.
The 33-year-old star laughed: "I'm always hungry. I'll look at the
dessert menu - I eat dessert. I'm terrible. I tried my best to lose
weight, but breastfeeding helps.
"So to all those men out there, if you want to lose weight, get
breastfeeding! "
Isla recently revealed she feels "sexier" since giving birth to her
She said: "I definitely feel sexier after having Olive because even
though everything's going south and essentially ruined, I feel like
I'm a real women now. I'm a mum. I love being a mum, just love it."

coupons, blogs, free dr pepper, etc.

This is a HUGE list of websites. The first few are for free items that you can get a coupon for. After that is a list of websites and blogs of frugal living, free coupons, ways to save at the store, etc. All from Suzie! She went to a coupon class and these were in the attachment.


Monday, February 23, 2009

Gene Autry Museum and other happenings this week

I have not blogged much about what has been going on with us so I'll do a catch-up.

I've been trying REALLY hard to keep the house clean. On Thursday I had a lot done. Bathrooms cleaned, all the laundry done and put away. Kitchen picked up, swept, mopped, dishes done. House dusted. Beds made. Living room and kids room clean. All I needed to do was vacuum but as I started on the living room the belt broke. Okay, I can manage that. I take it apart, to make sure that was really the problem and it is. There is a HUGE amount of hair wrapped around the brush-turning-thing so I get an exact-o knife and cut if all off. The next day I go to Walmart. Buy what doesn't look like the right one, looks too small, but only one that is close. Get home. It is the wrong one. I meant to bring the broken belt with me but left it on the counter-top by mistake.

Saturday we go to the Gene Autry Museum to see some friends perform in a program with sponsors like Music LA, Disney and some cultural groups. The performance is of children that took Native American dance and music classes. They were 10 week classes and this performance was the final day. Afterwards we explored the Gene Autry Museum. We have been there once before but it was a docent-led tour so we did not get to see the whole thing at our leisure. A neighborhood kid, Brice, came with us as well. I forgot my camera at home so I didn't get to take any pictures at all.

We got home and some friends with their eight kids stopped by that we saw at the Gene Autry Museum. They were suppose to bring pizza and hang out but they had some money problems so that didn't happen. So, I made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for all the kids, including Brice and my kids. I put out some grapes and a veggie platter too. I went through 3 loaves of bread and more then 1/2 of a 64 oz container of peanut butter!

After they hung out, played for a few hours, etc, I had them all leave because D & K had to get up early Sunday to go somewhere with their dad.

Is it no wonder that after 11 kids being here for a few hours that my house is a disaster, again?

Today my dad stopped by and he helped the kids and do some gardening. We pruned back the rosemary and lavender bushes. We FILLED the yard can all the way full and filled 1/2 of the regular trash can too. Dumped some top soil in the long planter next to our wall (the city made the neighbor but it in or bring the wall height down lower).

I got both bathrooms cleaned, again, D & K's rooms cleaned (those took a LONG TIME) and my room cleaned. Dishes were done this am but need to be done again from meals today and I cleaned out the fridge some. But, at least, the floors are empty and I can walk around again.

In the eve Little D was bored but was grounded from the computer and tv so I told him to go plant some seeds (he asked about a week ago if he could use that planter for his own garden). This didn't pop into his head and he was so excited he ran up and hugged me! (that feels nice!)!!!

I got the bag of seeds out that I have and let him pick through them.

He decided on pumpkin, cucumber, red broom corn (used to make brooms or more for looks then to eat) and some sunflowers (giant and mammoth varieties). I also gave him a package of marigolds to spread between the plants. Bugs hate the smell of marigolds so this is a natural bug repellent.

I read him the directions and explained them and gave him a small shovel and let him have at it.

Baby K wanted to plant too so I gave her a variety of bulbs to pick through and let her plant them in the front planter. She took one of each bag and 'forgot' that I told her one bulb per hole so it will be interesting to see how crowded they are when they come up. She had about 6 bags of bulbs and planted all of them in an area of about 2x3 feet! LOL! I have more so I am going to plant more in the next day or so across the rest of the planter (it is about 12 feet long). I also have 4-5 packages of wild flowers that I am going to plant in the front planter, that is on the grass area. The window to the garage is above it and I don't really see the planter much but it does face the street and all there is in there now is a rose bush on each side and a lot of grass mixed with California poppies growing in the middle.

Last week the Snow Fairies (a girl's group baby K is in at West Valley Park Day) had a decorate a cake day. All the girls decorated their own cakes with loads of frosting, sprinkles, candy edibles, etc. They had fun doing it and even more fun eating them!

On the 16Th we went to the Reagan Library for President's Day. It was raining and got crowded quick (we parked fairly close but still 10 minutes after it started and the parking lot was full). We took the shuttle to the entrance and did some of the crafts and activities. Little D enjoyed listening to an Abraham Lincoln impersonator talk about his life growing up, being a president, slavery, etc. Baby K did some crafts, making a colonial hat and a star-penny necklace. We played a game of Presidential Bingo and I WON! WHOO HOOO! I am not one to win at games too often and the game had just begun so it was a nice surprise. I was able to pick one prize out of a whole table of items. I picked out A Different Drummer. My Thirty Years with Ronald Reagan by Michael K. Deaver. It is an unabridged set on cd and read by the author. It is still sealed in plastic so, the money-earning person I am, I am going to sell it on eBay! :-)

I have been reading some great books for bedtime stories with Little D and Baby K too. I am on Chapter 27 of Inkheart with Little D. He did have a night terror about it about a week ago (woke up screaming about the book and they are going to get him and to close the book). When I told him about it the next day he thought it was funny and remembered none of it- as night terrors usually go. Baby K and I are on book 3 of the Ruby Red Slippers series. I have 4 books in the series. Books 2,3,and 4 I found on Paperback Swap. I just found out there is at least 2 more so I am going to search for them. They are books, about two girls, Hope and Annie, that homeschool and have a dad that travels for business and they (and their mom) often go with him. The girls solve mysteries in each book too. Baby K is enjoying them and it is neat to read about other children that homeschool in a chapter book.

On Friday Baby K also finished her entire 1st grade math book. I asked her lead teacher at Somis for the next one and we need to go down and pick it up! So, she is now starting 2nd grade math. Until I get the new book I am looking at the beginning of Little D's book (he has 6 more chapters left) to see what to do and either giving her pages I have done or pages I created on

Tomorrow Baby K has an appointment with the pediatric cardiologist to check on her to see how things have been going with her fainting. It has been okay the last few months. At the last Bottle Village day she got over heated and felt like fainting but that is the first time since the hot days of summer had ended.

Friday we are going Whale Watching with Island Packers. It is a 3-hour excursion and should be a blast! (I got more hugs for this one). It is a group discount with a homeschool group we are in and is only $17 per person. A supplemental curriculum was sent as an attachment email that is 2 pages of ideas and links too. Little D and Baby K have been begging me to go whale watching for about two years now so this will be an exciting trip. My mom and step-dad are going with us too!

I hope to have lots of great photos of that to post! I have other photos too that I will try to post soon!


Hello Kitty dessert snack recipe

My friend, Leese, LOVES Hello Kitty. When we were in Jr. High school it was all about scotty dogs. Clothes, figurines, wanting a live one, etc... all scotty dogs. This lasted for about 20 years. Now, it is Hello Kitty. I'm not sure when or how this started but it also aided her in changing her favorite color to pink! LOL! Now, Hello Kitty is everywhere. Her car has it on the back window, steering wheel cover, floor mats, even custom exhaust pipes. At home it is everywhere. Picture frames, calendar, stickers, etc.

So, when I saw this new website, it made me think of her. These look easy to make. Step-by-step directions with lots of photos!

Here is the direct link for the Hello Kitty pops!

other blogs and websites to share

A great blog of healthy recipes. The general theme is spending less then $30.00 a week and lots of yummy recipes offered, with photos, on how this is done.

THIS is neat. I just heard about it. Oodle is like Craig's list or Kijiji. It is free classifieds. I skimmed it and it looks like there are thousands of listings for Ventura County already. Definitely a site to look into for selling large sized items.

Link that has local museums and theme park coupons that you can print for great discounts.

organic fruit or veggie? Know the code

Someone posted this on the Mom's AP group and I thought it was worth sharing. I have known about genetically modified food for a while. I think it started with tomatoes. There was a magazine or newspaper article explaining why the government doesn't have to tell us about it but I can't remember the details. It was a few years ago. It is neat to know there is a way to know, when shopping, if it is modified or not!



Hi all - thought this may be of interest :) I wasn't aware the codes would disclose this info, but am happy to know now!

Are Your Supermarket Plums Genetically Modified? Here's How to Find Out!

The little stickers on fruits and vegetables have digits that let you know whether they're conventionally grown or organic, and if they're genetically modified (GM). There are many benefits to knowing this information:

o The health risks -- GM foods have been in stores only since the 1990s, so the long-term health risks are unknown
o The environmental risks -- Scientists are concerned that GMOs will reduce biodiversity
o The taste benefits -- People all over the world agree that the range of possible flavors is greater without a few GM foods crowding out the many natural varieties

Here´s what you should look for:

o A four-digit number means the produce is conventionally grown
o A five-digit number beginning with 9 means it's organic
o A five-digit number beginning with 8 means it's GM


Ideal Bite January 30, 2009

For the full article with Dr. Mercola's comments, click the link below:

Free pancakes at IHOP 02/24/09

Tomorrow IHOP (International House of Pancakes) is having free pancakes. From 7am - 10pm.

They are asking for donations for Children Miracle Network or other charities. Please do not arrive empty handed. Besides the donation you should bring money for drinks and tip.

What they provide is a 'short stack'. Three buttermilk pancakes hot and yummy!

Not sure if we are going. A few weeks ago Denny's was having some free breakfast thing and we drove by and the line was around the side of the building. Definitely not worth an hour or more in line and at least an hour inside. I hate busy restaurants!

Free sub coupon for Quiznos $2 Subway

want a free Quiznos sub?

You will have to provide them with your email address. But, it is easy. You sign up. They email you something with a 'click here for coupon' link. Click on it. Open it. Print it.

However... the coupon has to be used within 5 days of printing it. So, if you aren't going to use it right away wait to print it.

http://www.millions php?x=1

Also, my sister told me that they is a lawsuit settlement with Subway and if you go to their website you can print a $2.00 coupon off. I went to their website and it is for California residence only. Below is what I cut/paste off of their website;

If you are one of the first 142,500 valid requests we receive, we'll send you a $2 Gift Card.
We are distributing 142,500 SUBWAY® gift cards as part of a settlement agreement with the State of California due to claims made that advertised specials were not honored in certain locations.

It is not a coupon you can print. It is a card they will mail to you in 10-12 weeks. Only one per household (not sure if they check by email address or street address).

Go to their main website and click on the $2.00 for California Residence card on the left side.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

cast iron sculputures in Thousand Oaks at The Lakes

We were in Thousand Oaks last week for a field trip to California Pizza Kitchen (yum) and afterwards we went with the other moms and kids in our group to the little play area. This strip-mall area is called The Lakes. There are a few cast-iron sculptures there of children playing, squirting each other with hoses, digging in the sand, and having fun.

Little D wanted to know more about them so we read the dedication plaque and tried to read the artist's signature on the side of the sculpture but we were unsure of the spelling.

He actually asked me if we can research the artist more when we get home by looking him up on the internet. WOW! Yes, I was surprised (in a good way). It isn't often that either of them ask to learn more about something by doing more research.

A day or so passed and I found the scrap of paper in my purse that I had written down the artist's name on.

del E'sprie, which, I found out later is actually, De L' Esprie

I looked everywhere but could find nothing at all. I tried it as all one word, tried to see if it was 'de' and not 'del' and my writing was wrong, and a few other ways, since, like I said, I was not sure of the spelling. Google, Wikipedia and other searches came up with nothing.

I looked up City of Thousand Oaks and searched that website. I typed in The Lakes, the artist's name, cast-iron sculptures, etc... nothing.

So, I clicked on the 'contact us' and wrote an email asking if someone could point me somewhere to learn more about the artist.

Stacy Minasian replied with this;

The site is AMAZING! Little D and I spent over an hour mesmerized at all of her work. I think Little D liked the ones with Jesus and the mermaid ones the best. He found it amusing that such great talent was spent on mermaids (typical boy?) but he was still impressed by the quality of work!

Great coming from an 8 year old! :-)

Here is a little bit from the official site;

Bronze sculptor De L' Esprie's classical art training has put her in the unique company of past historic Bronze Masters with her talent, hard work and dedication. Her portraiture and figurative bronze statues are "painstakingly realistic," magnificently combining strength with beauty and vision with history. De L' Esprie's classical art is dynamic, explosive, and self-sufficient.

Her bronze sculpture subject matter varies from religious works to whimsy, Native American subjects to children, and animals to romantic figures. However, no matter what the theme, art collectors, museums, libraries, cities, corporations, private collectors, and bronze sculpture enthusiasts prize her work.

I have since emailed the 'contact us' on the that site to learn a little more about De L' Espirie that Little D asked me about. I'll re-post or edit this post if I learn more!

I have some photos of Little D and Baby K with the sculputures too that I will post soon. Durning all of this Baby K was here too but was playing!

free science link online lesson plans and worksheets

The Science Spot is a website I just found and it has tons of printable and online lesson plans, games and worksheets for school (homeschool and public school). K-6th- maybe higher. Depends on the link you click on.

I decided that since my 'favorite websites' are NOT staying on my computer (problems with Internet Explorer AND Mozilla Foxfire) that when I find a resourceful website that I will want to go back to I will post it on my blog to share with others but it is now in a 'safe place' for me to find it again!


Monday, February 16, 2009

huge list of homeschool books for sale in Simi Valley

I just posted this to a few used curriculum groups and I have had a few decent replies but a lot is still left. I will mail, Media Mail if possible, and buyer pays postage. I accept Paypal too!


Games and board games:

The Wonderful World of Disney Trivia Game. In gold collector’s tin. Gently used. $5.00.
Brain Quest. Grades 1-6. 2-4 players. Gently used. $5.00.
Pictionary. National Parks Edition. Age 7 and up. 3 or more players. Brand new. $10.00.
Monopoly. Alaska Edition. Opened but unused. $10.00.
Outburst. Gently used. $5.00.
Wood shape sorter set. Wood boards with pictures in shapes on them. Match with small colorful wood pieces to make the same picture. $15.00.
Stacking and sorting cups. 10 cups. All nestle in each other, each one a little smaller. $10.00.
Geoboard. Black with 25 nails. 9 ½ x 9 ½ inches. Made of wood. $10.00.
Girl Scout Original Make-A-Plate. 25 sheets and everything else to make plates. Will have to mail in and pay shipping to get the plates.
Lakeshore. Magnetic board with colored discs behind clear plastic. Use a magnet to drag discs to holes to create pictures. Lot of laminated sheets with pictures to copy. $15.00.
Professor Noggin’s. Dinosaur Card game. Ages 7 and up.2-8 players. Brand new. $8.00.
Discovery Toys. ABSeas. Alphabet fishing game. Ages 4 and up. Both cap and lower case sides. Lots of fun. Kinda like a fishing bingo game. $10.00.
Vintage Alphabet Bingo game by Trend Enterprises. Looks like it is from the 70’s. $5.00.
Alphabet Bingo with spinner. Lower case letters and matching picture next to each letter. $4.00.
Score pad for Brain Quest. Free with other purchases.
Space Age Crystals. Grow your own crystal kit. Grow collection of 12 different crystal clusters. Ages 12 and up. Brand new. Original price $35.00. Asking $20.00. Unopened.

Computer games, CD and DVD:

The Complete National Geographic. 108 Years of National Geographic Magazine of Cd-Rom. Windows 95 or W Macintosh. Every page. Every issue. Every article, photograph, map and magazine cover. Entire search index on every cd points you easily to the correct disc. 178,567 pages with spectacular photographs. 9,048 articles. From 1888 to 1990’s. In cardboard case. In great condition. $40.00.
Great Composers. Frederic Chopin. Listened to once. $5.00.
Find & Circle. Create your own puzzles or play the built-in puzzles provided (word searches). $1.00.
Encyclopedia of U.S. Endangered Species. $1.00.
Math Blaster. Secret of The Lost City. Episode 2. $1.00.
Middle School Suite. Verb. Noun. ½. A comprehensive, step-by-step guide to middle school math and grammar. $1.00.
SunMedia. Exploring China. A Close-View of the Ancient Beauty. Unopened. $1.00.
Multimedia. World History. Take the MYSTERY out of History! $1.00.
Word Attack 3. The World’s Best Selling vocabulary Program. $1.00.
Macmillan Dictionary for Children. Featuring Zak! $1.00.
Multimedia. Trigonometry. Guarantees Success! Interactive, one-on-one video instructions. $1.00.
The Great Battles of Alexander. Capture, crush, conquer. Multiplayer combat game. RSAC Advis ory. Violence. Humans killed. Level 2 (of 4). Brand new. $8.00.
Mathematics for Middle Schools. 5 cd-roms. Ages 10-13. Pre-algebra, geometry, fractions, decimals, measurements and variables. 10.00.


1- Magic School Bus. For Lunch. Aprox. 30 minutes. $3.00.

Felt Board pieces:

1- Felt Wonders. # 2314. Fruits and nuts. 18 pieces. sizes ranging from 2" to 8 1/2 inches.
2- Felt Wonders. # 2315. Vegetables. 16 pieces. Sizes ranging from 2" to 11 1/2 inches.
3- Felt Wonders. huge farm set with barn, animals, people, trees, etc. A gallon size zip-loc bag FULL.

$10 per bag/set. All are new.


Two puzzles in one package. Brand new and still in plastic wrap. 1- The United States Puzzle. 55 pieces. 2- The Global Puzzle. Build the puzzle and learn the world. 600 pieces. “Total Geography Combo Pack’. $15.00.
Lot of wood puzzles, mostly Disney. Aladdin, Barney, Bugs Bunny, a pink pig, Poochies, Genie from Aladdin, Alphabet, US Map, Pinocchio, The Cave of Wonders (Aladdin and monkey). $15 for all.
Bag of Number Board Tiles from Lakeshore. # AH22. 1 inch squares in red, yellow, green and blue. $5.00.
Grounds for Murder. A mystery jigsaw thriller with a secret puzzle image. Story by John Lutz. Pic of coffee cup with two entwined ghost hands holding jewelry. Coffee beans all around. By Bepuzzled. $5.00.
Melissa and Doug. Lights, Camera, Interaction. Basic Skills Board. Snap, belt, tie shoe, zipper, buttons. Zipper one has wear and is faced from being wet. $8.00.
American Girl. Samantha. Frame Puzzles. 3 colorful puzzles to put together, frame and display. 50 pieces each. Brand New. $8.00.
Spirit of Christ. By Ted Blaylock. 750 pieces. Brand new. $5.00.
Shape Puzzle. UFO. Ages 7-9. By LEGO. Over 200 pieces. $5.00.
Children of the World. Sewing Cards (hard boards). 5 cards and laces. By Creative Play. Ages 3 and up but I used for my son in pre and K for fine motor skills. $5.00.

Books: ALL BOOKS ARE ONLY $2.00 each.. Many are hardback. Some are new.
Books are recently published unless I put the copyright date on the.
Eyewitness Juniors-3. Amazing Snakes.
Usborne Science Activities. Science and Your Body.
The Legend of Indian Paintbrush.
The Story of Boats. Gullian Hutchinson.
The True Book on Magnets & Electricity. Copyright 1961.
The True Book on Plant Experiments. Copyright 1960.
The True Book on Deserts. Copyright 1958.
Owls, Bats, wolves and other nocturnal animals. Kris Hirschmann.
Seeing Things My Way. Alden Carter. Book about a young girl that has vision impairments and is legally blind.
The Blue Whale. This is a let’s-read-and-find-out science book. Kazue Mizumura. Copyright 1971.
The Dolphin. Prince of the Waves.
Desert Giant. The World of the Saguaro Cactus. Barbara Bash.
Two-Can First Encyclopedia. How Things Work. Things we make, build and use.
You Can Be a Woman Marine Biologist. Florence McAlery.
How To Dray and Paint. Watercolors Step-By-Step. By Kolan Peterson.
Usborne Starting Point Science. What Makes a Flower Grow?
Looking at the Sky. My First Field Guide. (full moon, rainbows, clouds, sunsets, comets, etc).
What Makes a magnet? By Franklyn Branley. State 2.
Bomby the Bombardier Beetle. By Hazle May Rue.
Lakes and Ponds. Copyright 1985.
Everything You Need to Know. The Answer Book for School Survival.
The Survival Series for Kids. What To Do When Someone Asks You To Baby-Sit! By Joy Berry.
Usborne Starting Point Science. Where Does Rubbish Go?
Energy Makes Things Happen. By Kimberly Bradley.
God’s World. K. A Beka Book Science Series.
Sunshine Meadows. A Beka Book. Reading Program. 2.6
ANT. My First Nature Book.
Animal Camouflage. Over 300 fun facts for curious kids.
Questions Kid’s Ask About Themselves.
Mad Science. Your Incredible, Icky Insides. Experiment Log.
Plymouth Massachusetts. Cape Cod.
Usborne Science Activities. Science with Water.
DK Eye Wonder. Human Body. Open Your Eyes to a world of discovery.
Amazing Space Facts. By Dinah Moche. Copyright 1988.
Flowers. An Illustrated Treasury.
Learn with moonbird. Energy. Copyright 1983.
Thanks to Trees. The Story of Their Use and Conservation. By Irma Webber.
Fossils Tell of Long Ago. By Aliki.
Wiggling Worms at Work. By Wendy Pfeffer.
Animals Do The Strangest Things. By Leonora Hornblow. Copyright 1964.
Science Workshop. Elements. Mixtures. And Reactions. Easy to make science experiments with bright ideas and why they work.
The Wonders of Water. California State Series. Copyright 1967.
Elementary Science. Learning by Investigating. ESLI 1.
Microbes at Work. By Millicent Selsam.
The Human Body. A Nature-Fact Book.
Story Starters. My First Stories. A workbook for ages 6-8 to develop your child’s creative writing skills. Some pencil writing in first few pages.
AIDS. How It Works in the body. By Lorna Greenberg. Copyright 1992.
Road to reading- Mile 4. Extinct! Creatures of the Past. By Mary Batten.
Spectrum- McGraw-Hill. Test Prep. Essential Prep. For Standardized Tests. Grades 1 and 2. Copyright 2002.
Langenscheidt’s Universal Dictionary. German-English and English-German.
Apache Indian Coloring Book.
The Christian World. Religions of the World. Copyright 1984.
The Buddhist World. Religions of the World.
Vanishing Peoples. Yanomami. People of the Amazon. By David Schwartz.
Very Mixed-Up Animals. Mix and match more than 1000 weird animals.
Guinness World Records. Special Student Edition. Amazing School Records. Copyright 2005.
The Crown Jewels. Tower of London. (crown jewels of England).
Fun, Facts and Fiction. A Sampler of Stories. Reading level 5-6 grade. Interest level 4-8 grade.
Animals Exposed! The Truth About Animal Senses.
Animals Exposed! The Truth About Animal Intelligence.
The Brain and Nervous System. By Steve Parker.
Sit Still! By Nancy Carlson. (book about a boy that had a hard time learning because he was always expected to sit still at a desk all day).
Avation. Space Dictionary. 6th edition. Gentle & Reithmaier. Copyright 1980.
Commodore Perry in the Land of the Shogun. By Rhoda Blumberg. Book setting 1853 when few Japanese have heard of the Western world or America and now American ships want permission to come into Japan’s harbors. Panic spreads. Treaty of Kanagawa. Author shows how people overcome fear and prejudice. Copyright 1985.
Shock Waves Through Los Angeles. The Northridge Earthquake. By Carole Vogel.
Public Speaking. 6th edition. Osborne/Osborn. College textbook.
Britannica. Science and the Future Library. Technology today and tomorrow. Copyright 1982.
Sunset Furniture Finishing.
Expert Guide: marine Life. From tropical reef fish to mighty sharks. By Michael Wright.
The Little Guides SHARKS. Guide to species, where to see sharks, 500 illustrations.
The Nature of Horses. Exploring equine evolution, intelligence and behavior. By Stephen Budiansky.
Now You Can Read About…Spacecraft. Large type for first readers.
Crazy Eights and other card games. Joanna Cole.
Kingfisher Young Knowledge. Robots. By Clive Gifford. Includes fun and easy projects.
Sunshine Makes the Seasons. By Franklyn Branley. Stage 2.
Clocks-Scales & Measurements. Easy to make science experiments and why they work.
Dolphin’s First Day. The Story of a Bottlenose Dolphin. By Katheleen Zoehfeld.
Humpback Goes North. By Darcie Bailer.
Kids’ Question & Answer Book. (questions about animals, science, weather, etc).
What’s Inside? Insects. A first guide to the wonders and workings of insects.
What’s Inside? Toys.
The Science Book. By Sara Stein. Copyright 1979.
Animal Travels. Calif. State Series by the Cal. State Dept. of Education. Copyright 1959.
Drawing A Likeness. By Douglas Graves. Step-by-step advice on how to successfully analyze and draw portraits (looks like an adult book to me but all the drawing and watercolor books belonged to a friend’s 5 yr old son).
Creating Textures in Watercolor. A guide to painting 83 textures from grass to glass to tree bark to fur. By Cathy Johnson.
Creative Ways with Drawing Dogs and Cats.
My Fun with Learning. The earth and the stars. Adventures in science and discovery. Fact book.
EARTH. Our planet in space. By Seymour Simon.
English for Christian Schools. Writing and Grammar. 2. 2nd edition.
Expressing Land, Sea and Sky in Watercolor. By Rowland Hilder.
Putting People in Your Paintings. J. Everett Draper.
How to Paint with Watercolors. By Alwyn Crawshaw.
Mighty Machines. Trucks & Diggers. A question and answer book.
Time, Money & Fractions. Grades 1-2.
Vocabulary Enrichment. Grade 3.
LIFE. Nature Library. The Insects. Copyright 1962.
Gifted & Talented. Math. Grade 2.
The Reason for a Flower. Ruth Heller. World of Nature.
Marine Mammals. An educational read and color book.
Discovering Marine Mammals. A learning and activity book. By Nancy Field.
Whales. The Gentle Giants. By Joyce Milton. Step 2 book.
Math 2. Reviews. BJU Press. Activity book.
Cardoza Publishing. The Basics of Winning Chess. By Jacob Cantrell.
Steven Kellogg’s Yankee Doodle. By Edward Bangs.
Gifted & Talented. Writing. Grade 2.
Insects do the Strangest Things. By Leonora Hornblow.
Scholastic chapter book biography. Let’s Drive, Henry Ford! By Peter Roop.
3b. Key Words with Landbird. The original key words reading scheme.
World Discovery Science Readers. Fossils. By Kris Hirschmann.
Do Penguins Have Knees? An Imponderables book by David Feldman. 265 pages.
God’s Gift of Language A. Teacher’s edition. Writing & Grammar work-text. A Beka Book.
MCP Mathematics. Teacher’s Edition. Level B.
MCP Mathematics. Teacher’s Edition. Level D.
MCP Mathematics. Level D.
California HSP Math. Examination copy. Unit 1.
California HSP Math. Examination copy. Unit 2.
California HSP Math. Examination copy. Unit 2.
California HSP Math. Examination copy. Unit 3.
California HSP Math. Examination copy. Unit 3.
California HSP Math. Examination copy. Unit 4.
California HSP Math. Examination copy. Unit 5.
California HSP Math. Examination copy. Unit 6.
California HSP Math. Examination copy. Unit 5.
Class Record Book. T.S. Denison. New.
Why Do Clocks Run Clockwise? And other Imponderables. By David Feldman. 250 pages.
The World of M.C. Escher. New Concise Nal Edition.
What’s Worrying Gus? The true story of a Big-City Bear. By Henry Beard.
Italian ALL THE WAY. Conversation, grammar, culture, reading, writing. Language instruction. Basic-intermediate.
Entering Space. An Astronaut’s Odyssey. By Joseph Allen.

Little House books:

Little House on the Prairie
The Long Winter.
On the Banks of Plum Creek.
Farmer Boy.
These Happy Golden Years.

The first four are from 1971 and have some wear/yellowing.

$5.00 for all of them.

more bra art

I have no clue why but I get a total kick out of the creativity of these. They are for a great cause too, breast cancer. The last one on the left (of the first page) 'Support Your Local Boobs' is a hoot! Don't forget to look at the second page too.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Solar System Pluto Poem

I found this on accident but thought it was great. In my horrible singing voice I sang it to the kids while they (not knowing yet my voice lacks in talent) sat, listening!


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Paypal and USPS shipping labels

I found a way to print shipping labels with Paypal for someone that did NOT pay with an eBay auction! This is a huge thing!

Normally, if someone bought something on eBay and paid with Paypal I could create a shipping label that is: Express Mail, Priority Mail, Parcel Post, First Class, Media Mail, International Express Mail or International Priority Mail.

BUT... if they paid another way, I would be able to go to USPS and create a shipping label but I could only do it from Express Mail, Priority Mail or Priority and Express International.

All the slower services are not an option to "click 'n ship" in the USPS website. So someone paying from a book I sold on or a trade with Paperback Swap, or just sending something to my grandma, I would have to go to the post office to ship it or pay the money for higher/quicker shipping rates.

Well, a friend, Andy, gets the actual credit for this since he discovered it, but this is a goldmine! It is not as easy but is so worth being able to print something Media Mail, Parcel Post or First Class from home.

Go to and log in to your account.

Click on the 'Products and Services' at the top.

Scroll to the bottom rectangle box and in all of the options click on 'multi-order shipping'. or a tab that says 'shipping labels' and then go to 'multi-order shipping'.

Click on 'file'

Click on 'create new order'

and type in addresses, type of shipping, weight, etc.

Click on Print and Pay.

Click on Pay

and it will pop up to print it on a shipping label.

The only one that it will not do is First Class International so I will still have to go to the post office for those but that sure saves me lots of time!



U-Promise accounts

Sometimes it is okay if money takes a while to add up if it is being saved. I received an email today from to update my profile and read that I have had an account with them for 7 years.

Total I have over $250 in savings with and this is money that the kids get for college. So, in 7 more years it might only be $500 but that is still $500, right?

So, since I haven't been on the site for a while I clicked around and found this link;

If anyone is doing online shopping and uses this link first a percentage of the purchases goes to my Upromise account automatically.

There is a huge amount of stores.

eBay, Staples, Office Depot, Office Max, Walmart, Target, Barnes & Noble... and lots more.

So, if you can remember, yes, that is the hard part, click on this link and then have it direct you to the online store you want to shop at and the money goes there automatically!

You can also create an account for your children and have friends and family members sign up with their credit cards, ATM cards, and Ralphs and Vons contribute to it when you use their store program.


Friday, February 6, 2009

funny BF cartoon


Jerry Markel income taxes accountant in Simi

I got my tax return! YEAH!!!! It is, sadly, all going to bills. I am hoping that this time next year I am completely caught up on all my bills, except my mortgage payment. That is my goal for the year so I need to do a budget and figure out what it will take for me to get everything paid off.

I used the same account as the last two years, Jerry Markel. He is a nice, friendly guy and has done a great job (my friend, Steve, refereed me to him).

So, when he was doing my taxes this year I told him I'd post it on my blog about him to see if I can help get him any referrals.

He is in Simi, at Stearns and the 118 Fwy.

Here is his info from his card:

Jerry S. Markell, MST.
Skidmore Markell & Company.
(805) 527-4024

I am LMAO looking at the 'skidmark' part! I never realized it before just typing it!


Bottle Village Cake

Yesterday was Joanne's birthday. She is my mom's best friend and also the president of the non-profit organization, Preserve Bottle Village. There is a board meeting tomorrow that I am going to and another member, Drew, and I were talking about baking a cake for Joanne. I emailed her a great idea for a crazy cake that I thought Joanne would get a kick out of but Drew hated it (LOL) and ordered a cake from a store that is a 'photo cake'. Drew told me that she picked one of my photographs to be on the cake (WOW) but won't tell me which one and that I just have to 'wait-and-see' tomorrow!

So, I will have to take a picture of the photo cake before it is cut into and post it!

How flattering is that! Big Grin here!!!



Okay, I made a new discovery on my blog. When I do a spell check and then post something I have noticed that it doesn't always work. Well, I guess if I am done typing and do a spell check it isn't saving it. But, if I do a spell check and type more it does. So, I have to do a spell check and then click 'resume edit' and all the spelling corrections will be saved!


Tetanus in developing countries

This is very moving. I am not a fan of diaper companies or other companies going to developing countries to 'offer' things, like the formula companies all have but this is still very special. It is something that I never even knew about either.

Salma Hayek on 'Mothers Working Together'
http://abcnews. ment/story? id=6804291& page=1

I did a search for tetanus on Wikipedia and found out that in the countries on the bottom right of Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangladesh, etc) actually have a higher percentage of infant mortality due to tetanus.