Saturday, January 24, 2009

science experiment How much iron is in your cereal?

This is from Robert krampf. I LOVE this blog! He has been doing it for a few years and if you ever have a rainy day, are in need of a cool science experiment, need an idea for a science fair, etc. This is the place to look. If you sign up for his blog (via Yahoogroups) you will get a weekly experiment emailed to you. You can visit his website for past experiments and some videos.

For this week's experiment, we are going to take some breakfast cereal apart, to see how they put in a full day's requirement of iron. To try this, you will need:

- some enriched breakfast cereal. Be sure it provides 100% of the daily

requirement for iron.

- a plastic bag that you can seal

- water

- a powerful magnet

- a sheet of white paper

Pour about a cup of the cereal into the plastic bag. Then add about a cup of water. Seal the bag and start squeezing the cereal, breaking it up into a mush. Keep squishing the mixture until most of the solid chunks have broken down.

Then place the magnet against the side of the bag. Slosh the contents back and forth across the magnet, making sure that the magnet stays in contact with the side of the bag.

After a few seconds of sloshing, lay the bag down on the white paper, and let most of the cereal mush run to the side of the bag away from the magnet. Slowly move the magnet, and watch closely. You should see tiny, black specks following the magnet. What is that? Iron.

What! There are chunks of metal in my cereal? There sure are. When they make the cereal, they mix powered iron in with the grains, sugar, and other ingredients. Don't worry. It's safe. Your body absorbs some of the iron, keeping you healthy.

Now, besides showing us that we are eating metal, this also demonstrates that breakfast cereal is a mixture, not a compound.

Mixtures are just what their name suggests, several different substances mixed together. If you put some salt and some sugar into a bowl, you have a mixture. They are mixed together, but not chemically combined, which means that you could separate them without having to chemically break them down. In the case of the salt and sugar, you could sit there with a magnifying glass and tweezers, as long as you had a LONG time.

Compounds are substances that have all their ingredients chemically bonded together into a single chemical formula. For example, during photosynthesis, plants combine carbon and water to produce sugar. Even with a very powerful microscope, and a wonderful pair of micro-tweezers, you could not pick out the bits of carbon and water from a bowl of sugar. They have been chemically combined into a single compound, with the formula C12H22O11.

Yes, you can separate the carbon and water by burning the sugar, but that is a chemical reaction. Mixtures can be separated without chemical changes, and that is what you are doing with the cereal. The iron is not chemically bonded to the wheat, sugar, marshmallows, raisins, chocolate chips, or the toy prizes found at the bottom of the box of cereal. Once you soften the cereal, and break it into small bits, the pieces of iron are freed to stick to the magnet.

Of course, you could use milk instead of water, which would make it a bit harder to see the iron, but you would have a nice snack when you are done.

Have a wonder-filled week.

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Prop 8 in California

Funny how the Mormon church had their members do SO much to fight Prop 8 but now they don't want to be noticed or in the news? Give me a break! You can't have one and not the other!

Just another example of why we should have a seperation of church and state!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Chinese / Taiwan news at Bottle Village

A news team from a Chinese/Taiwan (how it was explained to me) tv station was at Bottle Village interviewing Joanne and asking questions. Joanne asked what the station name is and they just said CTV or something like that but Joanne said that anyone broadcasting out of California has a 'K' in front of their name, like KCAL. Either way, when Bottle Village had the Open House they came and took some footage and came back when no one else was there to take more pictures and ask some questions!

Joanne invited me to bring the kids down to watch it!

I do not remember their names but they were both very nice and were great with Little D and Baby K. and they even interviewed them (mainly Little D). Afterwards LIttle D was very ecstatic about it and told me that he thought it was neat how since it was not live they can ask the same question a few times if he said he wrong and let him repeat himself, saying it in a better way. I don't think he realized that tv or movies do LOTS of retakes! For some shows and movie one 2 minute scene can take Hours? Days? I have no clue but it was something that Little D never thought about before.

They said they'd let Joanne know when it is going to air and send her a dvd of it and that they will air it in Los Angeles,in China and in Taiwan!



Okay, I the photos uploaded backwards! I am TRYING to figure out how to post photos and write words next to them but it always seems to tab funny, not line up, or bunch all the photos together with all the words squished next to only one photo!

Sigh!!! I'm sure I'll figure it out, eventually!!!

some new pictures...

Baby K and cousin T with 'NICE' green candy tongues!!! A dentist's dream!

Little D and Baby K at place where we received the bikes with all of the teams that built them.

Baby K praticing at Moorpark College. Including one where, knowing I had the camera out, she fake-crashed and threw her head back, all dramatic, and posed that way- wanting me to send it to my dad! LOL!

Baby K on the bike trail in Wood Ranch.

Today she did even better but I didn't bring my camera!

Baby K can ride a bike

The kids both got brand new bikes from a business that had teams building them. This was all through my friend, Michele. They needed children to recieve the bikes and Michele thought of me! There was a total of 9 bikes and Little D and Baby K both recieved a new bike, a new helmet and a lock. Michele's children both recieved these, as well as 4 other children. The 9th bike was accounted for but the child wasn't there.

Baby K has outgrown all of her bikes and has been too afraid to ride any without training wheels unless they are the size that a 3-year-old would ride but she got on this one just fine and was riding in 20 minutes!

We got home late and it was dark but the next day we went riding and she is now doing GREAT!!! We even went mountain bike riding to Corganville today with my dad for about an hour and she did not fall once. On a few steep hills she had to get off and push her bike but she never complained. I am so proud!!!

Now, when the whole family goes riding Baby K and I can ride too instead of us walking or running!!!


Sketch Up comptuer program

SketchUp: Why Kids With Autism Love It | Newsweek Health | Newsweek.

I downloaded the free version of this on my computer for Little D. I made him watch the 4 Youtube tutorials and then let him play with it. The original program is made for architects to build buildings but someone found out that kids with autism love it. Now Little D doesn't have autism but is high needs and I know he loves things like this (building, planning and on a computer too boot! LOL!). He is great with Lincoln Logs, Legos and other similar types of building materials.

Well, I had to get our bikes loaded to go bike riding with my dad and I did a few more things and I can back to check on him and he had built a building with a door, a 4-panel window and the window had blinds on it! WOW!!! About 20 more minutes passes and we were ready to go and he closed the program before I could see what he had accomplished but he told me that he built a chair!!!

I'm sure with time he will be able to create more elaborate things but I was impressed at what he accomplished in such a short time with a brand new program!


Sunday, January 18, 2009

spell check and baby brothers...

Okay, everywhere I post my brother seems to find everything I spell wrong and remind me (over and over again) to use spell check. He is right. Spell check is easy, does not take up much time, is free and it just makes sense to use it. I am used to programs that underline (usualy in red) words that are misspelled as I type and that is a visual reminder to do the spell check before finishing. However, here, on my blog and on Facebook and a few other places, this does not automatically happen. I have to click on the ABC button and then the words are underlined. And, alas, I often forget.

The misspells are usually due to me rushing, being distracted and missing keys but regardless if it is a word that I didn't spell correctly or typed wrong, it still is wrong, right? :-)

So, from now on, I will try to remember to spell check my writtings before hitting the 'send' button!


AARP 'u @ 50' contest enviromental video

At a meeting of the AARP (American Association of Retired
People) they showed a video that was submitted in a contest by a 20 year old.
The contest was Titled 'u @ 50'.

This video won second place. When they showed it, everyone in the room was awe-struck and broke into spontaneous applause.

Take a minute and watch it. (requires sound) com/watch? v=42E2fAWM6rA

I love how creative this is (and curious to how great the first place video is).


Thursday, January 15, 2009

how to make hand warmers

Okay, living in California that is little use for these, for me. I know some people get cold easier. But, still, I thought these were great and I just had to pass them on! I'll update US soon. It has been a whirl-wind of being busy and running around.

Briefly, one of the utility companies broke our side gate and are saying it wasn't them and don't want to fix it (said I have to take them to small claims court). Like I have time for that or want to deal with it? Next, non-profit charity group that does pick-ups hit my retaining wall and left a note saying 'sorry, I think I might have bumped your wall' well, bumped isn't the word. A few bricks are loose. At least two broken in half and put back, just sitting on top of the wall. My mortgage company just got bought out and is saying my flood insc. is not adaquate and want it higher and I need to do it NOW but I heard that it is getting bought out again so I have to do it but it might all be a waste in a month or two or too high. As of the kids, they are doing great. They both received free, brand new, bikes from a coporate seminar thing that a friend works with. They were building them as team work stuff and needed 9 kids to receive them when they were done. SO, both Little D and Baby K got brand new bikes and new helmets. They are only single-speed so can't be used mountain-bike climbing but are still great to have. Baby K's old bike was about 2 sizes too small and she has been afraid to get on a higher bike and really learn how to ride. BUT..... drum roll.....Baby K has now mastered, in one day, how to ride a two-wheeler bike without training wheels. She riding, stopping, doing turns, brakeing, etc. and doing a great job at it all. She has one boo-boo on her leg, by her knee, from crashing yesterday, but that is it. Their dad stopped by at dinner time so that she could show off her new skills to him! She is very excited about it... I guess this is a way to help me loose weight! I'll have to run or ride to keep up! :-)

Okay, and now, here is the hand warmer link!

101 reasons to breastfeed

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Saturday, January 10, 2009

My current eBay auctions Valentine's Day gifts

Okay, I called eBay and figured out how to put the link for any current auctions so that you can click on it any time and it will always show what is current. Please check them out!

I have some great items that are listed right now and trying to get 20-40 more that will post Sunday at 4pm.

Please check them out!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

free math websites

These are the 'Best of 2008' from clickschooling.yahoogroupscom. There are 5 great websites for math problems for children and teachers. You can also goto Yahoogroups and sign up for Clickschooling. You will get an email aprox. once a day (sometimes she skips on holidays) with free schooling/educational websites.

BBC SkillsWise Times Tables
http://www.homefire skillswise
Age Range: 8-13

Based in the United Kingdom, this site offers free times tables lessons and
practice for students in grades 3-8. This archived ClickSchooling review had
the highest number of visitors in 2008. - Free Math Video Tutorials
http://www.homefire mathebook
Age Range: 5-18

This website offers FREE math "Downloadable Tutorials" in the form of both
online math videos (via YouTube, with some that are similar to webinars) and
interactive eWorkSheets and eWorkBooks that allow students in grades K-12 to
learn and practice math with ease.

KidsNumbers. com
http://www.homefire kidsnumbers
Age Range: 4-17

This 100% free math resource was designed by teachers as a place where
students can learn and practice all aspects of math, including addition,
subtraction, multiplication, and division, in a fun and pressure-free way.

Mathematic Interactives
http://www.homefire mathia
Age Range: 5-17

Created by David Hellam (a teacher and prolific math game inventor), this
site provides a remarkable archive of interactive math puzzles and games for
a variety of math strands from counting to algebra and beyond. The engaging
and entertaining games provide opportunities to practice, reinforce, and
self-test math skills.

Johnnie's Math Page
http://www.homefire johnnie
Age Range: 5-13

Get a terrific variety of interactive math games, tools, and activities for
students in grades K-8.

bra art? what is next?

reverse reverse reverse reverse

This definately took practice! I'm going to have to remember to show the kids!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

More fun art? tampon crafts blog

Okay, I have """""JOANNE"""""" popping into my head with her condom earrings when I see this link. Truely enjoy laughing your butt off seeing some of the crafts, with step-by-step instuctions on how to make them!


Barack Obama impersonator

My friend, Jennifer, passed this on to me. This is a funny video on You Tube that is a Barack Obama impersonator. He has a few other videos too if you want to click on them! A nice chuckle so I thought I'd share!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

websites from Suzie's old blog...

boredom busters and rainy day activities

bored with lunch- lunch ideas

Magical Childhood- suggestions for things to do with your kids

learn Japanese for children

This is a great website to learn Japanese. Especially made for children.

Daily math questions and contest

Math Wizard posts daily activities including a math challange question. Earn points by answering the math questions and emailing in the answer with your name. The points add up to neat things the kids can get like Smencils and stickers.

Chartacter Study website

Chartacter Study
Found a website with some unit study on Chartacter Building- Excellent. Here is the link to that page- make sure once you are there to also go to their homepage for other great homeschool curriculum and ideas

SUPER COW any vegetarians out there?

OMG... I found this on a vegan website and had to share! If you aren't a vegetarian you might want to think about not eating beef after this!

Not for the weak of mind or stomach! Not bloody but definatley super science beyond necessary. Frankencow?


Kids day at Thousand Oaks library Inauguration Party... more

FREE Kid's Inauguration Party (Border's T.O.)Saturday, January 17, 2009, 2:00 pm. Border's Thousand Oaks, 125 W. Thousand Oaks Blvd. 805-497-8159 (Moorpark Rd. exit). Celebrate America, democracy, and new beginnings at Borders with a very special Inauguration Party for kids! Bring the whole family for art activities, games, a scavenger hunt,and an official oath ceremony. Hail to the chief!

FREE Tea for Two Kids PartySaturday, January 24, 2009, 2:00 pmBorder's Thousand Oaks, 125 W. Thousand Oaks Blvd. 805-497-8159. As the winter drags on, we all could use some warming up. Borders is happy to be that place for you. Bring the whole family for an afternoon of stories, games, music, and tea, both in the kids department and in our Seattles Best Coffee Café.

Skirball Family Workshop: A Creature Celebration - Noah's Ark Weekend WorkshopsSunday, January 25, 10 am - 1 pm, 1 pm - 4 pmADMISSION: Fee includes admission to workshop and Noah’s Ark: $25 Child-Adult Pair; $15 Member Child-Adult Pair; $5 per additional Adult or Child.http://www.skirball .org/Come celebrate the New Year with a Chinese spin. Explore Noah's Ark for animals that relate to the Chinese Zodiac calendar, like the monkey and rat. Then return to the studio to create a take-home animal puppet. Limited enrollment; advance registration required. Especially recommended for ages 4-8; children must be accompanied by an adult.

Coastal Poetry and Art contest for Ca. children

By encouraging youth to reflect on the beauty and spirit of California's beaches and ocean, we hope to inspire a greater sense of stewardship for these natural places. A population that cares about the coast is more likely to work to conserve and protect it.

All California residents in kindergarten through 12th grades are invited to participate. There are four categories for awards in both art and poetry: K-3rd, 4th-6th, 7th-9th, and 10th-12th grade.
Entries must have a California coastal or California marine theme. (For help with California species, click here.) Poetry and artwork must be original. Art should be no larger than 11 inches by 17 inches. Acceptable art media are paint, pencil, markers, ink, crayon, chalk or pastel (fixed), and collage. Three-dimensional pieces, computer printouts, or photocopies are not eligible. All entries must include a completed contest Entry Form.
Entries must be postmarked by January 31, 2009.

Please check out the website for more details.