Friday, March 20, 2009

Bible Holyland Exhibition... more info

Bible Holylands Exhibition

The Holyland Exhibition was built in the late 1920s as an educational
center and museum; the two-story complex houses an incredible collection
of Egyptian, middle Eastern and Biblical items. The Bible Art and
Archaeology Room has stones, pottery and other items from Nazareth ,
Bethlehem and the Jordan River . Travel back in time with us and brush
up on your ancient history, religious studies, geography and archaeology
Admissions: Adults $2.50/Children under 16yrs $2. The Holyland
Exhibition features displays on the Bible countries. Groups will be
taken on a tour through the exhibition. Refreshments are included in the
admission price. Call Karen or Betty @ (323) 664-3162.

They DO NOT have a web site. You must call for reservations.

We had an information packed tour, catered to younger children and

The Docents dressed in period clothing and gave a very engaging tour.
Making the bible come alive. They have a wonderful gift shop.

Cost: $2 students $2.50 adults,

R.S.V.P.: room for 10 more.


2215 Lake View & Allesandro Way, Los Angeles

DO NOT use Mapquest, you will get lost. Use directions below.

Gift shop: Bring cash. They DO NOT take credit cards, only Cash or
checks. The kids will love their inexpensive quality gifts.

From Ventura/Camarillo --2 options (Frwy 101 to the Frwy 134 to the Frwy
5) or (Take the 101 to the 23 to the 118 to the 5) : After going
through Burbank on the Golden State
(5) Fwy. exit south on the (2) Glendale Frwy, Exit on Glendale (go left
back over freeway), turn left onto Allesandro St, , left onto Oak Glen
Pl. , right onto Allesandro Way , located to corner of Allesandro & Lake
View. Park along the right side of Allesandro Way.

The Holyland Exhibition
/> , which contains Mideast artifacts obtained by the man whose life was
the inspiration for Indiana Jones. Antonio Futterer was an Australian
third-grade dropout who caught Gold Rush fever, found God as a young
man, and moved to Oakland in the early 20th century, where, according to
L.A. Times history-writer Cecilia Rasmussen, Futterer developed and
copyrighted what he called the "Eye-Ographic Bible," a sort of Cliffs
Notes for the Old Testament. The simplified text includes maps, slides,
pictures and intricate genealogical charts. What he called the
Eye-Ographic chart covers almost an entire wall. The canvas chart is
composed of lines, dots, numbers and names to take in the Biblical epic
at a glance. This project will sound very familiar to all you fans of
one of my favorite books, The Timechart History of the World
&categoryid= 51&searchstr= PB2967&itemname= The%20Timechart% 20History% 20of%\
20the%20World> . Futterer made his way to boomtown L.A. in the 1920s,
befriended people like psycho-religious genius Aimee Semple MacPherson
and Henry Ford, and in 1926 launched his first expedition in search of
the lost Ark of the Covenant. He wrote travel books about Palestine ,
opened a house museum in Silver Lake , worked with the movie companies,
delivered the world's longest sermon. The museum, which is directly
across the street from ex-Tabloid editor Charles Hornberger, includes
artifacts from all over the biblical lands, including "centuries-old
furniture inlaid with mother of pearl, 5,000-year-old oil lamps, ivory
and silver Mideastern jewelry, tapestries, and a 2,700-year-old
sarcophagus, " according to Rasmussen. Tours , which are only conducted
in groups, last two hours, and are skewed depending on which ancient
religion you favor. The people there are very nice; I would estimate
that 99.9% of all L.A. residents have never heard of the place.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Las Llasas; frogs and up to old mines

These photos are from two different times mountain bike riding at Las Llasas. One time we went to the left, where the water is swampy and there are frogs spawning. Other time we went to the right, 1 3/4 miles, hiked about 2 up hill to some old mines (my dad calls them Old Man Mark Mines) and then back down and then rode back. All together it was over 6 1/2 miles on the GPS. Las Llasas is in the hills in Simi Valley, off of Yosemite. Very first photo is our new rabbits, Tutenstein and Sally-Ann.

too many cars in the garage?

The pediatric dentist likes to say that they both have, "Too many cars in the garage." Both of them are going to be needing braces and maybe some teeth pulled. This is Baby K's mouth but they want to remove a two of Little D's baby teeth as a temporary solution to make room for some adult teeth that won't fit. For some reason they both think it will be cool or fun to have braces but Baby K keeps asking me if it hurts. She has a few years still so I don't need to worry here with how awful it is to have braces!

fun science at home celery and milk with food coloring

A few recent fun science experiences. 1- Little D had the idea to put pennies in separate containers (we used glass yogurt jars) and we put different ingredients in each one to see if they would clean the corrosion off of the pennies. We used salsa, diet Pepsi, ketchup, water, milk, and I can't remember the last one. The acidic ones cleaned up the best. The diet Pepsi ate away at the penny, making it all rough and jagged! 2- celery put into food coloring. 3- milk with food coloring drops and dish soap dropped in to create swirls (neighbor kid was memorized by this). 4- volcanoes they make with home-made dough wrapped around a plastic water bottle, left to dry for a few days. We added food coloring (green again? LOL!) and baking soda and vinegar!

cooking class at B & M's church

I won a few things in the silent auction that was held at Brian and Melody's church and one of the items was a cooking class. It was aprox. 8 hours long of learning great, yummy, recipes in Italian cooking. The teacher, Bob, and his assistant, Bobbi, were fun and entertaining. Here are a few photos of what we got to sample.

Baby K and cousin R dressing up- out to eat?

Baby K and my niece surprised us with these cute dress-up outfits. Unfortunately the clothes were pulled off before further photos could be taken.

Also, when Suzie was in town we went to eat and saw these 'warning cancer' signs where the drive up to pick up the to go food parking spaces are. We casually asked the server and she and another employee had no clue. They said they didn't even know the signs were there (duh?). She asked the manager and he told us that it is posted inside too by the door (we couldn't find it and didn't want to make a big thing out of it so didn't ask). He said it is because the serve seafood products from all over the world and the warnings need to be there for pregnant women.

Seems to me like there should be more to this...

Whale Watching with VCCH and Island Packers

The photos are listed last to first, not sure why, but the 'green stuff' Baby K has is green tea ice cream!