Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sign Up To Be On The National Consumer Panel

 For a limited time National Consumer Panel is accepting new household registration entries.  once you apply it takes a few weeks for them to accept you.  Click on the link to join:  National Consumer Panel.

I started doing this about three months ago.  It is easy to do and I get points by shopping and scanning my items or doing occasional surveys.  Points add up.  You can trade in for items in their points catalog.  They have occasional sweepstakes too.

A friend doing this told me the points start slow but increase greatly over time.  It took her about a year but she saved points and bought a tv.  I'm not sure what I'm saving for yet.  Nothing definite, just want to earn points and then figure it out.

Don't have time?  Get kid-power.  My kids help me and fight over who gets to do it.  When we go grocery shopping we scan the items as we unload and get it done all at the same time.  It is quick and easy.

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