Saturday, July 14, 2012

Guess What I Found Today Garage Saleing

I went to a huge community garage sale today.  It is has been going on for about 10+ years and is always a good hit for finding things for my family.  Not always great for finding resell-able items.  The Texas Track Annual Garage Sales usually have about 100 or more homes having garage sales in their front yards.  Today it seemed less, more like about 50, but I still had fun and got some good deals.

Today I spent $37 total.  I bought five items and three plants.

1- Polarized sunglasses.  Brand new.  $3.
2- Shrek Chess Set.  Brand new.  $5.
3- Liquor dispenser that looks like 1920's gravity gas pumps.  Brand new. $5.
4- Doggie door.  Brand new.  $5.
5- Discovery Wonderwall entertainment projector.  Brand new.  $15. (retail at Kohl's for $159).

1- Raspberry plant.
2-. Blackberry plant.
3- Weird leafless plant.

All three plants for $5.  A friend's neighbor grows them, and a ton more, in his backyard 'jungle' and pots them and sells them every year at the garage sale.

The sunglasses and plants are for myself.  All the other items I plan to photograph and sell on eBay.  I'm hoping to make about $100 or more on them.

Curious if anyone can name the plant on the left.

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