Sunday, November 16, 2008

EEG for baby K

Update on Baby K.

The pediatric cardiologist has decided her fainting has nothing to do with heart and can not figure it out. So, the pediatrician ordered an EEG and after he reviews the results is probably going to send us to a nurologist.

We had the EEG at Simi Hospital on 11/13. The technician said the hospital nurologist should call the pediatrician and then I will get the call with the results. I was told it should take one day but it has now been 1 1/2 weeks and nothing! I've called twice. Last time I was told the hospital still hasn't told the pediatrican the results. I'll be calling again on Monday!

Baby K was brave for the whole thing. She had to hold very still for about 20 minutes for the technician to put all the sticky probes on and then had to hold her eyes closed and hold still for about 30 more and breath deep. The night before I was supose to keep her up the whole night or most of it. They said sleep deprivation stresses the brain and can cause abnormalities to show up better. So she went to bed at 11pm and I woke her up at 4am. It was hoped that she would fall asleep during the EEG but that didn't happen!

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