Monday, May 23, 2011

Coming Back, Again. Da Vinci Museum, Hollywood

Oh, my dearly neglected and almost forgot blog (I barely remembered the log-on password). It has been WAY too long since I have updated or posted on here! Basically since I became addicted to Facebook (FB) and started posting and playing on there all the time. Well, I've decided to try, again, to keep this up-to-date. I have long forgotten how to have the Google AdSense on the blog so deleted them. I might look into them and update at a further time. As for now, here is a brief update:

Still me in the same place, just two years older (my kids grew too!). Both of them are growing like weeds and I know it will be only a matter of time before they are both taller than me.

We have two weeks left of this current school year. Trying to do some fun things. On Friday of last week we went to the Da Vinci Museum in Hollywood. The kids got a kick out of the adults in costumes, posing with tourists with camera for a few bucks. I asked a StarTours guide if one of the local buildings paid them to be there. Her answer, "Noooooo.... they work as independents but they get in HUGE trouble if they go back without making enough money for the day." and then, as if she said too much, she changed the topic. Sounds like a new form of pimping to me! Just saying!

So, the Da Vinci... I had to DRAG the kids there! Not kidding. They both thought it would be stupid. Daeton thought he knew it all already. Kaela thought it would be boring. Well, they both really enjoyed it. We spent about 2-3 hours there. Daeton took about 40 pics and 8 videos of how some of the gears worked because he, 'wanted to buy the material and wood and use the ideas to build them himself at home.' Not sure it will ever happen but I love his ambition.

Afterwards we headed 3 miles away to Whimsical Alley (Harry Potter Store). It was open as we drove past it (big OPEN sign) but we parked on the side of the building, feed the parking meter (not used to having to PAY for parking everywhere- paid $2 after validation when we went to the museum). So... anyways, we get to the front of the building and it is 5:01 pm and the place is closed! :-(

Big MOM FAIL! I thought they were open until 6pm. That is only Sat & Sun. M-F they close at 5pm. So, we grab Indian food at a restaurant next door (took them 45 min to make it and we were the ONLY customers in the place) and Quiznos for Daeton and Kaela and we head towards the car.

The 6 miles from Whimsical Alley to the freeway on-ramp took 45 minutes and it took another hour to get home.

I let the kids watch tv in the car for the first time since we bought it (I told them it was for road trips only and not around-town-driving. It was QUIET in the car the whole ride as the munched on their subs and watched Freaky Friday.

Okay, off to cut coupons and get to bed.

My newest thing.... call me crazy but it works, is to get up at 5:30 and give Daeton his ADHD medicine and let him go back to sleep (and I do too). The meds kick in in about 1 hour and wake him up and I get up about 7am. In that 30 minutes of his own time awake he usually plays with Legos in his room or posts his own videos on YouTube (I'll share some soon). By the time I get my coupons done it will be after midnight so that is all for now! I have pics of Da Vinci Museum to upload too (I have to re-learn how). The place was suppose to close the end of May but they extended it until June. It is definitely a neat place to visit.

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  1. Glad you're blogging again. I'm not on Facebook anymore so I lost track of my friends there. I don't use Photobucket or Flickr anymore either. I upload pictures directly to Wordpress. It's much easier. The museum sounds like fun!