Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Unique Ouchies Band-Aids

I ordered these from Mamapedia Sweet Deals. 8 boxes of band=aids. 20 in each box for $10. Eric Carle, Natural History Museum, Mad Libs, Groovy, etc.

I've been subscribing to a few 'saving money' groups via email or Facebook and this was one of them. Others, Screamin' Daily Deals (got a Jolly Jumper for Kaela's birthday for $37, even though her birthday is in August), and BOGOPOD (got large 2-topping pizza, four soft drinks and $30 in tokens at Big Z's for $17).

Also (not sure where I bought it from) Newsweek magazine for $3.99 for the year and Cosmo magazine for $2.99 for the year.

I know it is still spending money, but most are 50-71% off of normal prices!

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  1. That's some SuhWEeet deals{{grin}}. Found you through Homeschooling Bloggers Haven(yahoo). We are just starting our homeschool journey. DD turned 4 this past March. Can't wait to see how this year unfolds. Feel free to stop by "my" place
    Have a blessed day! :)