Thursday, June 16, 2011

Boys Will Be Boys

Crazy morning! All three of us were too tired to get up. Daeton was the worst. I was ready, had water bottles, snacks, and the car loaded. Kaela was in it and ready sans putting on shoes.
Daeton was still in bed! So, I start the car and pull out of the garage, knowing full well Daeton will come-a-runnin'. And he did. In 'pajamas' (a t-shirt and boxers) and carrying his clothes.
Before pulling out he begs me to get his toothbrush; he forgot to brush his teeth but is too cold to get out of the car.
I run in, grab his toothbrush, wet it, put a DAB of toothpaste on it, grab a Ziplock bag to put his toothbrush in afterwards and hop in the car.
I start driving and I see THIS (see photo).

I somehow missed that Daeton FULLY brushed his teeth, using the drinking water to rinse and spit, and he spit it all in the bag, sealed it, and left the bag on the car seat (which Kaela later handed me with a 'Here's Daeton's spit bag' in front of Michelle and her daughter! 

All I can say is 100% boy! 

Does anyone have any crazy 'my kid ....' stories?

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