Sunday, December 18, 2011

Field Trip= National Weather Center

My friend, Carrie, organized a field trip to the National Weather Center in Oxnard last week.
It was a small group. Daeton and Kaela, her son and her mom.
David, the meteorologist there, talked about tornado chasing (and said he'd chased 4 and seen, in person about 6-7). he talked about the weather, natural disasters, showed some slides and a few videos.

Their website is: NOAA
He took is to his desk station where he normally works. There is 4 shifts of people that work there. Most having 4-6 monitors at each desk.

We got to see the current weather conditions, the prediction for Christmas (sunny) and the kids got to ask questions.

Behind the building they have a a setting for field trips with examples of equipment they use to study the weather. I took about 20+ photos but am only posting a few.

Bridge that would show how flash-floods work.

Land & water devises, including buoys in the oceans as well as telling snow levels.

Front of building.

The whole field trip took about two hours. It was educational and informative. Was free. and the kids had fun.
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