Monday, December 26, 2011

We Survived Christmas Becker Christmas House in Simi

Well, we survived Christmas. The kids say they got all they wanted and had a great Christmas.

On Christmas eve we went to The Becker House, aka the Christmas House on Sycamore. It is a normal house that during the year but at Christmas the Beckers deck it out top to bottom with Christmas decorations. Some moving or spinning and singing. We waited an extra 20 minutes for Santa to arrive and Daeton and Kaela got their picture taken with Santa.
Their website seems to be down but you can find them on Facebook by searching ' The Becker Christmas House on Sycamore.' The have been decorated their house for 47 years now. Their son posted on Facebook that his parents are getting 'up there in age' and that he will try to go to 50 years for it and then not sure if it will continue.
I got some great candid shots of the kids when opening their presents.
Can you say EXCITED?

Even some sibling love and them helping each other. Today they have been playing together on the Bop-It Extreme and loving it. Daeton received some snap together model airplanes and has built two and Kaela has been playing with her doll house (I got it from someone on Freecycle, for free) and Jenga blocks.
The crinkling noise of the wrapping paper being ripped or bundled up in a ball really freaked out the cats. Once all the presents were opened and the kids were playing with their toys the cats found places to hide and sleep.

Daeton borrowed my camera and got a picture of Pumpkin sleeping under the Christmas tree.
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