Sunday, February 26, 2012

Valentine Photos Of The Day And Foods We Made

I took lots of fun photos from Valentine's Day but slacked and didn't have time to post them.

So, without further ado, here they are.

Kaela helping make red-tinted, heart-shaped pancakes.  She insisted we both wear aprons.  She made and decorated her's in a class she had last semester.

 Add red food dye, mix it all up and TA-DAH!
 Okay, so I couldn't get them to pour out in a heart shape.  The looked like a blob.  So, we used a cookie cutter and make them heart shaped after they were cooked.

Next we made brownies.  We chopped up Oreo cookies and candy canes (left over from Christmas) and sprinkled them on top.
 WHAMO!  Kaela loves using this food chopper.

 I bought Chocolate-cheese from Trader Joe's for Valentine's Day too.  A friend had posted about it the week before on Facebook.
 I sliced it and put it in the middle of some hot french bread. ... great idea but the cheese was too sharp for Daeton and Kaela and neither of them liked it. I think it is okay, not GREAT.  Tastes good for a tiny bit, but to sharp to consume a large amount.  Slices in slivers tasted better.
 We made a fruit salad with blood oranges for dinner.
We made chocolate covered strawberries for dessert and scattered red sprinkles on them.
 The brownies were a disaster trying to cut out and frost (frosted with vanilla frosting and more red sprinkles) but they tasted YUMMY!  I really enjoyed the peppermint and Oreo on them.  In hindsite, I should have added the Oreo after they were done.  The creme filling didn't cook well and was a little burnt looking.  It didn't effect the taste but made them look funny.

And, yes, I even made Kaela go to her track practice.  She thought school and track should be cancelled for Valentine's Day! :-)

All in all we had a good day.  No commercialism of cards or special Valentine chocolate hearts and candies..  Just family and fun.

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