Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mom, I Hit Redial And Called The Police Station

Last night was a crazy night here.  I had a few friends over and they kids went to bed about 10pm.  Around 11pm I hear a helicopter outside my house.  I sounds like I have a street sweeper in my living room.  It is LOUD.  I open the front door but not the security gate and look out and see it is a police helicopter with a search light.  Soon there are two helicopters.  After about an hour I call the police station's non-emergency phone number and tell them my cross streets and ask what is going on.  They tell me there has been a carjacking by the two main streets entering my neighborhood.

For about two hours the helicopters are on both sides of the house and all over the neighborhood.  The noise is re-vibrating off of the wall in the backyard.  The spotlights are hitting the bedroom windows in the front and back yard.  Both kids are wide awake.  Kaela is scared and clinging to me.  Daeton is jumping up and down, telling me to videotape it.

During this I am text messaging with my neighbor, Amy, across the street.  Her kids slept through the whole thing.  She tells me the wash bed behind her house if FILLED with police officers.  We hear a megaphone (presumable from the helicopter) shouting to stay indoors and keep dogs indoors.  Amy tells me her SIL went in the backyard to see what was going on! (ACK)!

About an hour later Amy texts me again.  Said they found the guy in her backyard, against the wall.  (OMG!!!).

We heard a second megaphone announcement.  It was mumbled to me but Daeton said he heard something about 'Put your hands or we will shoot.'  Might be that he watches too much tv too.

Police helicopters are STILL out. I'm not sure if there was a second person (or more) or if they police were unsure and so still checking.  Daeton and Kaela finally fell asleep about 2:30am, in my bed, and the helicopters left about 3am.

I heard on Facebook that the incident happened at a liquor store that is on the corner entrance of the neighborhood and someone was stabbed and there was a carjacking!  I'm sure the full story will be in the Sunday LA Times in the local section.

So... getting to the title of the post.  All this happened from abut 11pm Friday night until about 3am.

Saturday morning I drop Daeton off at baseball at 8:45 with my dad meeting him there and taking him home after.  I take Kaela to track and we are there until 2pm and go to a friend's party until 4pm.  I told Daeton to call me on the work phone, since my cell is at 3% and will die any minute.  He doesn't want to write down the phone number and said he will look it up on the caller id.  So, he calls me to ask if I'll bring him McDonald's chocolate chip cookies when I come home (his latest obsession) and says, "By the way, I accidentally called the police, bring me some cookies, love you, bye" and hangs up.


I call him back.  WHAT did you tell the police?  Him, "Sorry, I called you on accident" and I hung up on them.

I'm thinking, time to hurry home, now, before my dad leaves, in case the police show up just to follow up the call.

Thank God they didn't.

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