Monday, December 1, 2008

Bottle Village Open House

The Open House at Bottle Village was great. We forgot to count but had about 500-700 people there! A sidewalk artist, Ruth Villa, did a drawing of Grandma Prisby. We had some musicians playing. A few tables selling Bottle Village keepsakes. I set up and was suppose to run the snack table but Baby K just took it over and did it all. Once in a while when there were other children around they'd start talking, become instant friends and would help her out until their parents told them it was time to leave. The whole event was 4 hours and it was packed the entire time and we were cleaning up with flashlights (damm that daylight savings).

Here are some photos from my camera;

Baby K removing a pebble on the sidewalk by sidewalk artist Ruth Villa.

From entrance, looking in. People milling around and checking out everything there is to see.

Picture of Joanne and Helen (my mom) at the front taking money and selling books and other BV cool stuff.

Baby K showing off an oreo cookie at her snack table.
She collected over $60 dollars in donations!!!

LOOK at all the people and cars!! WOW! This is the front gates. It was busy like this all day long with no parking on both sides of the street!!

Ruth Villa's finished artwork! I am amazed! I've never seen a sidewalk artist and this was the first time she had done a black and white drawing (she based it on a photo of Grandma Prisby). I hope she comes back again!

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