Wednesday, April 22, 2009

fun of the day...

Stepped in glass and have a piece in my heel. Totally my fault. Broke a picture frame a few days ago in the garage and haven't cleaned up the glass (whole thing is at the front of the garage, where the front of the van is when I pull in).

D & K's dad dropped off a puppy to them as a 'gift' yesterday- without my permission but for them to have at my house. He called a few hours before and said someone at his work had a puppy that was abused and going to get dropped off at the pound because they didn't want it, so he was asking if I wanted it. I said no. Few hours later, he shows up with it and tells Baby K it is for them (Little D wasn't home). Thankfully, I found a home for it. He is an adorable dog. But, we have enough animals. I've been calling him rascal and Baby K has been calling him Teddy (the name of the dog in The Magic Treehouse books).

Little D did some STAR testing today. We have to go back 1 or 2 more times for him to be done.

Last week we went to the Bird Museum in Camarillo. I'll post more about that later. It was a very interesting place.

Tomorrow we are going on a field trip to a Marine Biology Lab in Oxnard!

and, on Sunday, my friend Travis got free tickets to the Renaissance Faire in San Bernadino so I'm going with my cousin, Mona, and the kids!


Lots of fun stuff but too busy to write about it all! I'll post photos later too!

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