Wednesday, April 22, 2009

the orgin of names- bored, again

I was talking with Little D about the orgin and meaning of names. He was feeling bummed, thinking he was named after some city (people occasionally call him Dayton Ohio) so, I looked up our names and found a decent size list of cities, all with the name Dayton in them! And, of course, my name too!


* Dayton, Nova Scotia

[edit] United States

* Dayton, Alabama
* Dayton, Idaho
* Dayton, Indiana
* Dayton, Iowa
* Dayton, Kentucky
* Dayton, Maine
* Dayton, Maryland
* Dayton, Michigan
* Dayton, Minnesota
* Dayton, Montana
* Dayton, Nevada
* Dayton, Newark, New Jersey, a neighborhood
* Dayton, New Jersey
* Dayton, New York
* Dayton, Ohio, the largest and best known Dayton
* Dayton, Oregon
* Dayton, Pennsylvania
* Dayton, Tennessee, site of the 1925 Scopes Trial
* Dayton, Texas
* Dayton, Virginia
* Dayton, Washington
* Dayton, Wisconsin
o Dayton, Richland County, Wisconsin
o Dayton, Waupaca County, Wisconsin
* Dayton, Wyoming
* Dayton Township, Michigan

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