Monday, October 31, 2011

Lizard In Garbage Disposal

I have seen tiny lizards all around the yard the last few months.  Smaller than I have every seen a lizard before.  Most are blue-bellied alligator lizards.  I don't know if the large population of them has to do with an increase of insects, mild summer or something else, but I see more each week then I usually do in a whole year.

One day, a few weeks ago, I was taking out the trash and saw a tiny one and decided to catch it.  I brought it inside to show the kids and take a picture of, since I was amazed at how cute and small it was.
So, as I am taking these pictures, one handed, I decided to move over the sink, so that if it falls, it will be a shorter fall and it won't fall all the way to the ground.

Well, it doesn't fall, it jumps.  Instead of landing in the sink it falls straight down the hole into the garbage disposal.

I can't think of any way, at all to get it out.  Daeton comes to help me and shines a flash light down the hole and verifies that he sees it.  I'm afraid if either of us reach and try to grab it, we either would squeeze too hard or not be able to pull our fist out.

On top of all of this, we have to leave the house.

I put a butter knife in the sink, diagonally, so it could have a 'ladder' to climb out and we leave.

We get home from football practice a few hours later and I don't see the lizard (I don't bring this fact up to the kids so that they aren't reminded).

I don't know if it is still down there or got out and is anywhere in the house (not safe with the kittens around).

I don't use the sink at all and we go to bed.

The next morning I am doing something in the kitchen and go to wash my hands in the sink and on the OTHER side of the sink (it has two basins) I see the lizard in a saucer.   Alive.

WHOOO HOOOO!  I grab it, take it outside to one of the planters, and release it!

Thank you, God!  I was really worried that the lizard was going to be stuck there until it died from the elements or lack of food.

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