Monday, October 31, 2011

BLOG Parking Only

I saw this at at Rancho Park and Rec building in Simi and though it was hysterical.  I had no clue the meaning of it but had to take a picture.

What is BLOG Parking?

I asked my sister and she didn't know but really wasn't interested.  I knew it had to mean something else but could not fathom what it meant.

 Just then an elderly gentleman walked by.  He had salt and pepper hair, was in his late 60's (guessing) and had a navy blue coveralls outfit on with the park district name on a stitched on white rectangle.  I stopped him and asked him what BLOG Parking meant and he just chuckled and shook his head and pointed to the building in front of him

It really is BLDG Parking, not BLOG, Parking.  He said it meant Building Parking, as in parking for people going into that building only.

Ah.. the laugh of the day for me!

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