Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Okay. I have a huge pile of things I want to post on here. Lots to share too. Since it is 1:40am I'm not sure how much I will get done but here is a start!

New of school year is going nicely. We turned in our work today at Somis. I think there is 9 times or 10 total that we turn in work so one month down! December is short due to the winter break too.

Enrichment classes for K-3 are on Mondays besides the last Monday of the month, when we turn in work and having our meetings.

The new park day that I created is going great. About 3-4 active families coming. I think the small size is great and the kids are having a blast. Due to the heat we have been meeting in Moorpark. It is a little cooler in Moorpark then it is in Simi. We found a nice park with lots of shade and have been meeting there on Tuesdays.

Wednesdays we are at West Vally Homeschool group in Tarzana. We have been having some problems with a few boys and Little D getting along but I'm hoping it will all smooth out. Baby K is in a great girls group. We had a potluck the first week and they made group t-shirts. Last week we made our scrapbooks that they will add to through out the year. I think this week's theme is 'old fashioned games' and we will be playing jump rope, red rover, etc. Baby K just loves this group and has meet a lot of nice friends in it. Starting this week Little D is giong to try out a brand new class, fencing. I will have to see how he does and if he can listen and not goof off to see if he can stay in it. I talked about it with him and he is excited about it.

Thursdays we often meet a friend and her daughter to play in the afternoon or we just play catch-up. There has to be at least ONE day that we are home all day so that I can do things like laundry and cleaning. Somis will also be having tutoring on this day. We went last week and right now they are testing all the kids for language arts and reading to see where they are at to know where to start. One of the teachers, Heidi, came up to me and asked if Little D is colorblind. I told her, yes, he is, but only a little bit. Colors like tan, faded yellow, off white and white might be hard to tell apart. Or he often gets mixed up dark blue and purple. WELL... she tells me that he told her that her sweater was white and it was a black sweater. He sure tricked her! Sigh!!!

Fridays once a month are SPA (Student Parent Apprication Days) at Somis. In Oct. the theme is Halloween. We often have field trips on Fridays too.

So, as it can be seen, we are getting busier and busier! I have been making sure that we schedule time to be at home too so that the kids get some down time to just play. We have been sucessful at doing our school work in the am's before ever leaving the house and sometimes doing a little bit on the weekend.

Some nice news, Little D won 3rd place for a book he wrote. It was submitted to the Ventura County Fair by Somis Homestudy. It was a nice surprise. They presented it (and for other kids as well) at the beginning of the school year picnic. He got a white ribbion that is one of the long, pretty ones. He is very proud of himself for recieving it.


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