Tuesday, September 30, 2008

NEW fees, again from eBay


Okay, check out the above link. eBay is changing their shipping fees. On certain items, like books and cd and computer games, they are putting a max. amount that can be charged for shipping. Even if there is 20-500 books. The prices seem WAY too low. BUT, you can avoid this constraint. You have to now use the shipping calculator. Down side, you have to have your item all boxed up and know the exact weight while listing so that you know what to input.

Two reasons that eBay is doing this. 1- So that buyers do not get charged too much for shipping. 2- eBay collects a fee on the final balance. So, if you sold something for 99 cents and charge $20 for shipping they'd only collect their fees off of the 99 cents. BUT, if they limit this and you sell the item for $15.00 and charge $ 5.00 shipping eBay will now make the % of their fees based on the $15.00.

So, bottom line is more money, again, for eBay!


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