Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Do you Chacha ?

I just signed up as a Chacha guide. Lots of small steps to get there but neat to do. Basically when people email or text questions (as if doing a Google search) a live person, a Guide, gets the question, finds the answer and send it back to them.

They pay 20 cents a question which does not seem like a lot but adds up to about $10-12 per hour. AND... it is fun. Lots of crazy, stupid, interesting questions. People asking for directions, places for cheap gas, relationship problems, history questions, sports statistics, etc.

I know I have a million and one things already going on but so far I like this. I might get burnt out or might get more efficient and make more money!

The link is chacha.com

my user name is Debbzs


1 comment:

  1. The great thing about working for chacha is that you can log on when you want for however long you want. Its perfect for making a little extra on the side! I also like that you can choose your interests and just get questions that fit those (I wouldn't have any interest in knowing about sports statistics)