Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Somis Homestudy New year

The school year has now started. Our schedule is starting to become routine although new things are being added.

Somis Homestudy has a few changes this year. Two teachers have left due to budget cuts and a third might leave/might stay, depending on the total number of enrollment. I hope she stays! She is Baby K's favorite teacher (Baby K said she is the nicest).

Mondays are K-3 and Wednesdays are 3-5 so, technically, Little D could go both days, being in 3rd but I heard from another mom that Wednesdays are mostly 5th graders and the 3rd graders have to be mature and be able to keep up. I'm not sure he can do that. Plus Baby K has the Snow Fairies on Wednesdays in Tarzana. Not sure I want to do all that driving in one day.

New to Somis Homestudy is tutoring that they are offering on Thursdays for K-8th.

I'm going to see if I can get a laptop for cheap so that I can do computer work while I am down there. I asked and they said yes, that I can have internet access and even use a computer there but if I'm doing the Chacha work I have to have a Chacha toolbar on the computer. If I upload my photos before I leave the house I should be able to do my eBay work there.

We have already started our work at home and the beginning of the school year potluck was last week but the enrichment classes don't start until next week.

Something else new, I started my own park day/play group. There are 12 families online but so far there just a few actually chatting. Today there was 5 families at the park. We had a blast and stayed until it was time to come home and make dinner. Both kids fell asleep quickly! I love how much running around at the park tires them out.

Tomorrow is the potluck for the beginning of the school year party with West Valley and Snow Fairies. The girls are suppose to bring a plain white t-shirt to cut and decorate.

We are also going to try to make it to a silent auction that the La Leche League of Thousand Oaks is putting on.

In the am I have to run to my dad's before he leaves to borrow his camera. Little D was playing with mine on the playground 'to take just one picture' and fell off the playground with it and now it has sand in the lens, the lens is stuck out and it does not do anything and doesn't make any noise at all. I'm going to see if I can get my step-dad to clean it up and try to fix it.

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