Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ants Ants Ants learning and fun

Archibald's Adventure, Name that Pest and Pest Detectives are only a few games your kids can play as well as learning about ants and other insects that we call pests!

http://www.pestworl dforkids. org

Here are more details. Another great one from Clickschooling;

The focus is on education - not eradication of cute bugs. :)
You'll learn about the anatomy, habitat, and behavior of:

.Bed Bugs
.Stink Bugs
~ and many more!

When you get to the site, turn on your speakers and watch a
brief introductory animated video, then click on the
"continue" button to examine the "Pest Guide from A to Z."
You'll see pictures and read fascinating information about the
useful (and sometimes annoying) critters that we see around
our homes. Then, explore the rest of the menu that includes:

*Pest Games - Play interactive games like "Name That Pest!"
that test your knowledge of the critters in the "Pest Guide."

.Lesson Plans - Get an assortment of FREE lessons for a wide
grade-range that feature insect anatomy, native habitats and
behaviors of insects and rodents, info on termite specimens
and colonies, and learn how to prevent an infestation. You'll
also find suggested language arts activities and learn about
classical taxonomy.

*Report Writing - Use a 10-step template for learning how to
take notes and organize them into a paper on your favorite

*Science Fair Kits - Get some student-tested science
experiments with Pill Bugs, Ants, and Fruit Flies that you can
do in your own home.

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