Thursday, July 30, 2009

free movie tickets Fandango and World Market

A friend, Andy, told me about free movie tickets being given away from World Market that was good for yesterday and today only. We were at a counseling apt that was only 1 mile away so we decided to go. Most things in that store are over priced but we found a few gems! Kaela got a jump rope that has each handle spin off to be a bubble container and bubble wand. Daeton got some 'Hazardously Extreme Sour Candy' called Toxic Waste.. I remember this candy as a different name when I was a kid. I got some Clove Gum and BlackJack gum for my mom (sue used to buy it when I was a kid) and a dark chocolate candy bar for me.

I asked one of the store clerks if they were still doing the movie ticket offer and she said yes, it is printed on the receipt and if you pay for all of your items separately I can get more then one.

So, I did. I have a few. But, realized when I tried to sign up that they ALL are the same code and the free movie ticket is only for the first 10,000 people. The clerk had told me I enter the code, online, and right away print out my own movie ticket.

So, this is all a joke how they do it. It is not 'get a free movie ticket' it is more like 'you MIGHT get a free movie ticket' and only one per email address.

Since I was tricked by the World Market promo/email and told the wrong info, I thought I'd share so that everyone else can enter too! EVERY one of my receipts has the exact same password on it!

Here is what you do:

go to

enter passkey MOVIES

You will then get this:

Cost Plus World Market Ticket Giveaway

Thank you for registering. You will receive an email on August 6 (the end of the registration period) that will let you know if you are one of the first 10,000 customers that qualified for the FREE movie ticket. Winners will receive a unique promotional code via email with instructions on how to activate your code and redeem your FREE movie ticket.

Funny, even on the World Market receipt it says "enter passkey to receive your unique Fandango code and a FREE movie ticket".. and in small print.. must be first 10,000 customers to register to receive the unique code via email.

So, bummer that now I have to wait 8 days to know IF I got the free tickets or not. But, I did register under my email, my Amazon email address, Little D's email my Yahoo email and my sister's email. Why not, I bought more then one item and I have the receipt for that, right?

Pass it one! Not sure what number they are up to now!


  1. thanks for telling others how to cheat; now a lot of people who actually bought something at world market won't get a ticket.

  2. Yeah, maybe or maybe not! I bought numberous items but I MIGHT get a ticket? I was told I can get one per receipt and to purchase my items separately to get more. The online link said 'two days only- shop at World Market and get a free movie ticket with every purchase.'

    And now, MAYBE I will get one and they will decide in a week? That is unfair and they are lying and tricking people with a non-free offer. So, no guilt here!

  3. Just because you are bitter, doesn't mean you should ruin it for the rest of us. I got my email today saying I was not one of the first 10,000, even though I made my purchase and signed up on the first day of the promotion.

    Instead of cheating, I emailed the company to complain and share my disappointment in people like you that made it unfair to those who spent their hard-earned money in the store.

  4. Ah, but you are missing the point that I DID make purchases and they lied to me. They said 'make a purchase and get a ticket' they did not say 'make a purchase and MAYBE win a ticket'. It was all a hoax. There was no special code for each receipt. MY code was not a special 'passkey' just for me. and... I too got the email saying I didn't get a ticket- same with a friend, that spent time and gas on his lunch break to go there. So, I don't feel like I cheated, I feel like they lied to me and cheated me!

  5. I did buy only for a free movie and then I won ZIP

  6. World Market is STILL doing this shit, and you don't EVER get your password these dayze...

    Overpriced salty crap. Save yourself, go to an early matinee...Gerry