Thursday, July 30, 2009

Car Cooking- tomatoes

I was laughing so hard when I read this.. and because it was tomatoes it made me think of Brian, my brother. Not that he'd do something as crazy as cook in his car, but that he loves tomatoes.

This is from a Yahoo Group that I am in called 'The Homeschool Mom in the Kitchen'

I can't even imagine how far this can go. Even science fair projects!!!

COOKING THYME with Latimer's Kitchen: Sun Dried Tomatoes in the CAR

Well it worked! With temps around 105 today, it was a real cooker!!

I placed the 1/2 inch sliced white and red paste tomatoes on racks on a cookie sheet and put them in my car window at 10am. By 3:30 they were well done to a crisp! (Should have watched alittle more closely as they are supposed to be pliable not crisp.) I am storing them in olive oil with minced garlic in the refrigerator.

I wondered why my thermometer was registered at 108 in the car all day...
It was melted and exploded! Temps must have exceeded the 120 mark! Yikes!

And the something died in there! Tomorrow, I am drying my Basil! Hope that takes care of the smell!

Interesting experiment! Try it yourself!

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