Sunday, September 4, 2011

Football Time- Fall Is Almost Here

Well, the beginning of the school year is upon us. We technically started school work this week but our first official day is Tuesday. About three weeks ago my dad signed Daeton up to play football for Grace Brethren. Daeton played football once, a few years ago, for the Y' but that was flag football and wasn't too serious. They only had four teams and often borrowed other kids from teams that already finished playing to help out, since they didn't have enough players on each team.

A HUGE difference is that THIS football he is playing now is tackle football. I watch the games wincing as the kids get hurt and cheering as they do good.

Below are pictures of his first game, against a team in Acton.

Daeton is new, and still learning the ropes, per see, but he still did a great job and tried hard.

He is # 40.

The heat wasn't fun but no one complained and they got a GREAT morale booster, especially for their first game.

Final score was 34-12. :-)
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