Thursday, September 22, 2011

Get Out And Play; Worldwide Day of Play to turn off the TV and play outside

My family seems to be running around without stopping most of the week.  Enrichment classes, school work, errands, field trips, even violin lessons.  But I try to make sure we exercise all the time. There is an old saying about if the parents read in a household than so will the children.  Well, the same goes for exercise. 

The Clorox 2 Play 2 Day pledge is a perfect intensive for my children to do more outdoors.,

Right now my son is in football. This year is his first in  He has practice three times a week, for two hours each time (and yes, the white jersey and padded shorts are full of grass and dirt stains after every practice) and one game a week.

I am on an adult kickball team, playing on the Mercury league for WAKA.  We have games once a week and practice every Sunday.  Both of my kids help out at practices, running for others, fielding the balls, and we even let them go up to bat.

With these two sports taking up five days a week, my daughter isn't in any active sports but does practice gymnastics and running (track starts in February) and goes on 2-4 mile walks a few times a week.

With busy lives we have a hard time fitting in some down time but I try to schedule or 'undschedule' that as well so we have time to go to the park and play on the jungle gyms.

Exercise is important for everyone in the family.  Not just for someone overweight, not just for the kids.  For everyone.  If the parents are healthy they are setting examples for their children.

In honor of the Clorox2® Play 2Day pledge to play outside  I am going to try to reduce any multi-media in our house for the next month.

This will be hard, since my kids DO play on too many games.  My son has an X-Box, DSi, iPod and laptop.  My daughter  has the same, minus the X-Box.  All of these are a addiction and attraction to them, especially my son.  When we are driving, waiting for an appointment, or not told to go out and play, they are both drawn to these games or the television.    NONE of which are that great for them besides being a babysitter.  I definately notice a correlation between how many hours of multi-media they have had and their attitudes and behavior.

I am going to do a reward chart for hours of exercise, by the 1/2 hr mark with rewards of outdoor toys.  A new Frisbee, balls to play catch with and other items that are attractive and fun in the sporting good section of the stores.  Maybe a big reward is a tether-ball pole!

I'd love ideas other people have to make exercise fun for the whole family and what they do together. 

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