Friday, September 23, 2011

Just Grandpa & Me

My dad came over today to bring Daeton some batteries for a RC plane (Air Hogs) he got for his birthday. I didn't want to take him to get any because Kaela was sick last night and throwing up.
So, my dad came, brought the batteries and played catch with the football with Daeton. My sister stopped by to bring Daeton out for a while, for his birthday, and it just my dad and Kaela were here.
 She does not get 'just grandpa and me' time as often as Daeton does with my dad so it was neat that the two of them were here.

He asks her if she wants to go catch some lizards in the back yard and she enthusiastically nodded yes.  A while later I went to peek on them and what are they doing????

Taking apart the old, rusty swing set.  They stacked up the poles and carried them (with my help) into the front yard and we put them at the curb with a FREE sign.  The whole thing was gone before morning.

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