Thursday, March 13, 2008

eBay- 2nd chance offer

eBay has a second chance offer to let you relist something for FREE if it does not sell the first time.

Beware. NOTHING is free! They are a business!!!

There is a catch.

If you relist the item a second time and it sells you will only have to pay the listing fees once.

BUT if you relist it a second time and it does not sell. You will have to pay for two listing fees. For the first time AND the second time.

So, if you think it will sell try to lower the price, edit the description. Change the category, etc. to ensure it will sell.

Also, if it is a big price item. Wait a week or two to relist. A few times a week I get an email a day or two after the auction is over by someone saying they missed the auction but still want to see if they can buy the item. You can do this by just sending them a invoice with Paypal or by doing a 'end it early' with eBay or putting a Buy it Now on the item for the buyer to buy it right away. The first option is frowned upon by eBay (since they won't get final auction fees) and is not under eBays protection for fraud so the second two ways are a safer way to sell.

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