Friday, March 14, 2008

Homeschooling-neat book

I finished a neat book tonight at bed time. I was reading it to Baby K but Little D was listening in too (he likes to do that) and pretend he wasn't.

It was called What is Rot. Baby K picked it out from the library yesterday. The book/pages are a little yellow. The book looks like it is from the 70's by the pictures but Baby K didn't notice.

It is a neat book talking about mold, bacteria, decomposing items and what makes things biodegradable.

There are science experiments that the kids can do on every few pages too. We will have to try some. One was to get a sock with no match. Wear it all day. Step in some water or mud in it then put it in a plastic bag and seal it and put it in the dark and see what starts to grow on it!

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