Thursday, March 13, 2008

Homeschool reading and free pizza

Pizza Hut has a neat program for 'classrooms' this can be done pre-K and up and can be done with public schools or homeschool families.

Sign up NOW for it.

Basically you commit to have your children read a certain amount each month. When they meet their goals they get a certificate for a free children's size pizza.

I, personally, do not think my children should be rewarded to read. We love to read and it is just something we do daily and enjoy. I just tell them that they get this as a reading program. I do not do the reward chart that Pizza Hut offers but this is up to you.

One small children's pizza is not enough food for my son but I can add some fresh fruit or chips and water to make a meal out of it for them.

We also have two Pizza Huts in our city so we can call it in ahead of time and then just show up to pick up our free monthly pizza!

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