Thursday, March 13, 2008

eBay- powerseller

If you haven't noticed eBay has now changed their fees (again). They sent out a mass email acting like they were doing everyone a favor by offering Gallery photo for free. This is great since I use it on every single auction I post. BUT, when I clicked on the email to read all of the details they then mentioned other changes in their fees. Most were increases.

I am not going to log onto eBay to get the exact amounts since they change often but one thing someone can do to try to save money is to become a Powerseller.

There are a few requirements to be a Powerseller. Feedback, # of completed auctions and # of listings each month have to have a minimum.

Final listing fees for Powersellers are a less then for someone else listing on eBay.

It is about a 3% difference so depending on the item it can be significance and fees add up quickly!

last month I paid over $150 in eBay fees! I do not know how people make money by selling things for 1 cent. I can't see how it is worth their time. After the eBay and Paypal fees they have lost money. Keep these fees in mind when you are going to list or re-list something.

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