Monday, January 19, 2009

Baby K can ride a bike

The kids both got brand new bikes from a business that had teams building them. This was all through my friend, Michele. They needed children to recieve the bikes and Michele thought of me! There was a total of 9 bikes and Little D and Baby K both recieved a new bike, a new helmet and a lock. Michele's children both recieved these, as well as 4 other children. The 9th bike was accounted for but the child wasn't there.

Baby K has outgrown all of her bikes and has been too afraid to ride any without training wheels unless they are the size that a 3-year-old would ride but she got on this one just fine and was riding in 20 minutes!

We got home late and it was dark but the next day we went riding and she is now doing GREAT!!! We even went mountain bike riding to Corganville today with my dad for about an hour and she did not fall once. On a few steep hills she had to get off and push her bike but she never complained. I am so proud!!!

Now, when the whole family goes riding Baby K and I can ride too instead of us walking or running!!!


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