Sunday, January 18, 2009

spell check and baby brothers...

Okay, everywhere I post my brother seems to find everything I spell wrong and remind me (over and over again) to use spell check. He is right. Spell check is easy, does not take up much time, is free and it just makes sense to use it. I am used to programs that underline (usualy in red) words that are misspelled as I type and that is a visual reminder to do the spell check before finishing. However, here, on my blog and on Facebook and a few other places, this does not automatically happen. I have to click on the ABC button and then the words are underlined. And, alas, I often forget.

The misspells are usually due to me rushing, being distracted and missing keys but regardless if it is a word that I didn't spell correctly or typed wrong, it still is wrong, right? :-)

So, from now on, I will try to remember to spell check my writtings before hitting the 'send' button!


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  1. Usually you should read your post before your writing has typos. If you miss them don't feel too bad because I miss them often too.