Wednesday, January 7, 2009

free math websites

These are the 'Best of 2008' from clickschooling.yahoogroupscom. There are 5 great websites for math problems for children and teachers. You can also goto Yahoogroups and sign up for Clickschooling. You will get an email aprox. once a day (sometimes she skips on holidays) with free schooling/educational websites.

BBC SkillsWise Times Tables
http://www.homefire skillswise
Age Range: 8-13

Based in the United Kingdom, this site offers free times tables lessons and
practice for students in grades 3-8. This archived ClickSchooling review had
the highest number of visitors in 2008. - Free Math Video Tutorials
http://www.homefire mathebook
Age Range: 5-18

This website offers FREE math "Downloadable Tutorials" in the form of both
online math videos (via YouTube, with some that are similar to webinars) and
interactive eWorkSheets and eWorkBooks that allow students in grades K-12 to
learn and practice math with ease.

KidsNumbers. com
http://www.homefire kidsnumbers
Age Range: 4-17

This 100% free math resource was designed by teachers as a place where
students can learn and practice all aspects of math, including addition,
subtraction, multiplication, and division, in a fun and pressure-free way.

Mathematic Interactives
http://www.homefire mathia
Age Range: 5-17

Created by David Hellam (a teacher and prolific math game inventor), this
site provides a remarkable archive of interactive math puzzles and games for
a variety of math strands from counting to algebra and beyond. The engaging
and entertaining games provide opportunities to practice, reinforce, and
self-test math skills.

Johnnie's Math Page
http://www.homefire johnnie
Age Range: 5-13

Get a terrific variety of interactive math games, tools, and activities for
students in grades K-8.

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