Thursday, January 15, 2009

how to make hand warmers

Okay, living in California that is little use for these, for me. I know some people get cold easier. But, still, I thought these were great and I just had to pass them on! I'll update US soon. It has been a whirl-wind of being busy and running around.

Briefly, one of the utility companies broke our side gate and are saying it wasn't them and don't want to fix it (said I have to take them to small claims court). Like I have time for that or want to deal with it? Next, non-profit charity group that does pick-ups hit my retaining wall and left a note saying 'sorry, I think I might have bumped your wall' well, bumped isn't the word. A few bricks are loose. At least two broken in half and put back, just sitting on top of the wall. My mortgage company just got bought out and is saying my flood insc. is not adaquate and want it higher and I need to do it NOW but I heard that it is getting bought out again so I have to do it but it might all be a waste in a month or two or too high. As of the kids, they are doing great. They both received free, brand new, bikes from a coporate seminar thing that a friend works with. They were building them as team work stuff and needed 9 kids to receive them when they were done. SO, both Little D and Baby K got brand new bikes and new helmets. They are only single-speed so can't be used mountain-bike climbing but are still great to have. Baby K's old bike was about 2 sizes too small and she has been afraid to get on a higher bike and really learn how to ride. BUT..... drum roll.....Baby K has now mastered, in one day, how to ride a two-wheeler bike without training wheels. She riding, stopping, doing turns, brakeing, etc. and doing a great job at it all. She has one boo-boo on her leg, by her knee, from crashing yesterday, but that is it. Their dad stopped by at dinner time so that she could show off her new skills to him! She is very excited about it... I guess this is a way to help me loose weight! I'll have to run or ride to keep up! :-)

Okay, and now, here is the hand warmer link!

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