Monday, January 19, 2009

Sketch Up comptuer program

SketchUp: Why Kids With Autism Love It | Newsweek Health | Newsweek.

I downloaded the free version of this on my computer for Little D. I made him watch the 4 Youtube tutorials and then let him play with it. The original program is made for architects to build buildings but someone found out that kids with autism love it. Now Little D doesn't have autism but is high needs and I know he loves things like this (building, planning and on a computer too boot! LOL!). He is great with Lincoln Logs, Legos and other similar types of building materials.

Well, I had to get our bikes loaded to go bike riding with my dad and I did a few more things and I can back to check on him and he had built a building with a door, a 4-panel window and the window had blinds on it! WOW!!! About 20 more minutes passes and we were ready to go and he closed the program before I could see what he had accomplished but he told me that he built a chair!!!

I'm sure with time he will be able to create more elaborate things but I was impressed at what he accomplished in such a short time with a brand new program!


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