Tuesday, March 17, 2009

eBay tip- share the news...

If you are selling on eBay it is important that you SHARE it with others, right? Besides having repeat customers it is good to tell others about your sales.

No better reason to have a Facebook account! Really! I recently set up Facebook to post when I list items on eBay. I have over 150 friends and contacts on eBay. So, every time I list new items ALL of these people have the opportunity to see my post, saying something like, "Deborah just listed...on eBay" up to five items will be mentioned with a click-able link and the reader can choose to expand the post to see more that is listed.

I try to post on Myspace when I have new items on eBay as well. If you email eBay they can tell you the exact link of your main page of 'all items for sale by this seller' for others to view.

And, don't forget to put it on your blog too! Promote, remind, spread the word. If someone local wins an item an extra bonus is that I don't have to box it up for shipping and I can ask them to pay me cash so that I can avoid the Paypal fees!


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