Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Running Rebels Bible Holyland and other things this week

I haven't uploaded any new photos here. It seems that Picasa 3 keeps 'freezing up' on my computer. I'm looking into something better for photo storage and editing so any input would be great of likes and dislikes.

Little D and Baby K have started Running Rebels. It is a track team that is separated by age/gender and is from 5 yrs old up to 12th grade. They have been practicing 3-5 times a week for three weeks now. They have a 'mock meet' on this Saturday (everyone is welcome to come watch) and the following week is their first meet. For each event they try in they will receive a ribbon and at the end of the season (end of May) they will receive a trophy too.

Today we went to Los Angeles to visit a museum that isn't new but it is one I've never heard of before. Someone else organized the field trip. There was about 75 of us all together. It was to Bible Holyland Expedition. The whole museum is about the old and new testament, Christianity, Judaism, Islam and other religions of a long time ago and now. All of the items were collected by a man that visited places all of Europe and Africa collecting them. Little D was most impressed with the coffin carved of wood that had had a real Egyptian mummy in it at one time. I have a few photos that I took of D & K when they volunteered to dress up for our group. There was much to see there but in all the other rooms photography was not allowed. I can't find the website for this place but I remember seeing one so when I find it I'll repost with the info. The whole tour was 2 hours long and some of it was too long for the younger children but we still had a great time!

Last Friday, on March 13th, it was Pink Friday. People all over California rallied against the pink slips that school districts handed out this week. Little D was helping my dad but I took Baby K and we were there with my brother had his family. I have photos to upload from this too but you can view some, as well as more details, on his blog (about politics in our local area).


If you look at it NOW it is the third post down and there is a link to click on to see additional videos and photos.

Coming up this week we will be going to the Stage Coach Inn in Newbury Park on Friday. I have not been here before but I'm guessing it is like Reyes Adobe in Calabasas and the Strathern in Simi and Leonas Adobe.

Finally, this Saturday from 10:30-1:30pm is Discovery Days at Moorpark College Child Development Center and the Reptile Family will be visiting the Camarillo Library at 10am.


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