Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Is College Worth it? YES!!!!!!!!!!!

Two interesting articles on college and if it is worth attending and for how long. I have always been an advocate for college and (so far) my children don't know there is a choice to attend. They have been told that children got from high school to college and that is it! I'm sure more will be discussed later but I think it is important for them to know how very important college is and that it isn't a 'hopeful thing' but more like a next step in school!

Is a College Degree Worth the Cost?

Increased earning income from bachelors, masters and doctoral (PhD) degrees doctorate.htm

This is the second one. Forbes Magazine did an interesting piece on this whole question of "Is
College Worth It?"

and, a third, an article entitled, "Failing Grades"

One last one, an article about credential inflation:

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