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Bible Holyland Exhibition... more info

Bible Holylands Exhibition

The Holyland Exhibition was built in the late 1920s as an educational
center and museum; the two-story complex houses an incredible collection
of Egyptian, middle Eastern and Biblical items. The Bible Art and
Archaeology Room has stones, pottery and other items from Nazareth ,
Bethlehem and the Jordan River . Travel back in time with us and brush
up on your ancient history, religious studies, geography and archaeology
Admissions: Adults $2.50/Children under 16yrs $2. The Holyland
Exhibition features displays on the Bible countries. Groups will be
taken on a tour through the exhibition. Refreshments are included in the
admission price. Call Karen or Betty @ (323) 664-3162.

They DO NOT have a web site. You must call for reservations.

We had an information packed tour, catered to younger children and

The Docents dressed in period clothing and gave a very engaging tour.
Making the bible come alive. They have a wonderful gift shop.

Cost: $2 students $2.50 adults,

R.S.V.P.: room for 10 more.


2215 Lake View & Allesandro Way, Los Angeles

DO NOT use Mapquest, you will get lost. Use directions below.

Gift shop: Bring cash. They DO NOT take credit cards, only Cash or
checks. The kids will love their inexpensive quality gifts.

From Ventura/Camarillo --2 options (Frwy 101 to the Frwy 134 to the Frwy
5) or (Take the 101 to the 23 to the 118 to the 5) : After going
through Burbank on the Golden State
(5) Fwy. exit south on the (2) Glendale Frwy, Exit on Glendale (go left
back over freeway), turn left onto Allesandro St, , left onto Oak Glen
Pl. , right onto Allesandro Way , located to corner of Allesandro & Lake
View. Park along the right side of Allesandro Way.

The Holyland Exhibition
/> , which contains Mideast artifacts obtained by the man whose life was
the inspiration for Indiana Jones. Antonio Futterer was an Australian
third-grade dropout who caught Gold Rush fever, found God as a young
man, and moved to Oakland in the early 20th century, where, according to
L.A. Times history-writer Cecilia Rasmussen, Futterer developed and
copyrighted what he called the "Eye-Ographic Bible," a sort of Cliffs
Notes for the Old Testament. The simplified text includes maps, slides,
pictures and intricate genealogical charts. What he called the
Eye-Ographic chart covers almost an entire wall. The canvas chart is
composed of lines, dots, numbers and names to take in the Biblical epic
at a glance. This project will sound very familiar to all you fans of
one of my favorite books, The Timechart History of the World
&categoryid= 51&searchstr= PB2967&itemname= The%20Timechart% 20History% 20of%\
20the%20World> . Futterer made his way to boomtown L.A. in the 1920s,
befriended people like psycho-religious genius Aimee Semple MacPherson
and Henry Ford, and in 1926 launched his first expedition in search of
the lost Ark of the Covenant. He wrote travel books about Palestine ,
opened a house museum in Silver Lake , worked with the movie companies,
delivered the world's longest sermon. The museum, which is directly
across the street from ex-Tabloid editor Charles Hornberger, includes
artifacts from all over the biblical lands, including "centuries-old
furniture inlaid with mother of pearl, 5,000-year-old oil lamps, ivory
and silver Mideastern jewelry, tapestries, and a 2,700-year-old
sarcophagus, " according to Rasmussen. Tours , which are only conducted
in groups, last two hours, and are skewed depending on which ancient
religion you favor. The people there are very nice; I would estimate
that 99.9% of all L.A. residents have never heard of the place.

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