Wednesday, March 18, 2009

too many cars in the garage?

The pediatric dentist likes to say that they both have, "Too many cars in the garage." Both of them are going to be needing braces and maybe some teeth pulled. This is Baby K's mouth but they want to remove a two of Little D's baby teeth as a temporary solution to make room for some adult teeth that won't fit. For some reason they both think it will be cool or fun to have braces but Baby K keeps asking me if it hurts. She has a few years still so I don't need to worry here with how awful it is to have braces!

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  1. Hang in there debz! From working with an orthodontist, I know it can be a long road. Expander, expander, expander! Phase I ortho, Start early, Its less tramatic for the patient, usually. Sometimes can avoid severity and legnth of treatment when all permants are in! Regi