Thursday, November 3, 2011

Yummy Dinner For Mom; Weight Watcher's Smart Ones

I recently purchased two Smart Ones dinners by Weight Watchers.  I'd heard about them and expected to find them in the 'boxed food' section, by the 'just add liquid pasta dinners.'  But, to my surprise, they were in the freezer section.
 I bought two, Chicken with Broccoli & Cheese (9 Points Plus if you are doing Weight Watchers and 340 calories for the whole bag) and Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo (8 Weight Watcher Points Plus and 300 calories).

Both looked like decent portions, to say the least and the picture on the bags looked good.  I waited until the kids had a 'not so healthy dinner' of pizza and the Chicken with Broccoli & Cheese for myself.  Only one word can describe it: amazing.  Definitely a yummy meal.  Better than I can cook.  The kids probably would have loved it too and... healthy!! YEAHHHHH!!!!  It completely filled me up and I got four food groups in one meal, vegetables, meat, grains and dairy.  :-)

I was completely full from the serving but not 'I-can't-move-stuffed.'  The flavor the chicken and noodles were well seasoned and a little cheesy while the broccoli tasted fresh and was not soft or mushy from being pre-frozen.  The price, per bag, is about $4.00 but I have seen two $1-off-one-bag coupons recently.  I mostly shop at Ralph's and Von's so with the coupon being doubled the whole meal was $2.00.

I was going to save the second bag for another occasion when the kids were going to have higher calorie food but decided to eat it the following night for dinner.  The Chicken with Broccoli & Cheese was just as good.  Again, the chicken was tender and lightly seasoned and the Alfredo sauce on the noodles, chicken and broccoli was yummy.  There was some excess liquid at the bottom of the bag after cooking but I can honestly say that is the only complaint I had.

I liked the Chicken Broccoli and cheese the best, of the two but definitely want to try the other ones the store sells.  They have a chicken stir-fry variety that looked delicious and about three other variations of rice or noodles with meat to try.

I have started to incorporate a better diet and exercise now in my daily routine and not wait for a New Year's resolution.   The Weight Watchers Smart Ones were very low in points for a dinner meal.  Something to consider with the holidays coming up.  I want to look good for all the Christmas pictures too!

These Smart Ones meals are definitely better than a dry piece of boneless, skinless chicken and a salad that I usually make!  My meat cooking skills definitely lack in flavor on most occasions, but I am trying.  Next time I buy the Weight Watcher meals I'll cook two.  One for the kids to share and one for me.

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