Sunday, November 6, 2011

I Bought A X-Box Kinect For $90

I found a GREAT deal on an Kinect for X-Box this week.  Daeton has been waiting since his birthday (in September) for one.  The game systems are just so darn expensive.  I often sell books and educational games on a few 'used curriculum' chat groups via Yahoo Groups but seldom look on them or read them.  Most of them I am no-mail on.  For some reason I read one last week and found a homeschool mom selling a brand new Kinect game system for the X-Box for $90 and it included one game.

Timing between her and I was hit and miss so last night was the first time she was home and I was able to go get it.  So, I drove to her house about 1/2 hour away and meet her family and picked it up.  Her husband explained to Daeton that they bought it for their son but he has the older version of X-Box and it won't work.  They were going to buy something to upgrade the whole thing to make it comparable but their their son's X-Box broke and they just decided to sell the Kinect.

I am super happy!  The cheapest one I have found, even used, was approximately $150, plus tax so this is a great savings to pay only $90 for it.

Daeton is happy to finally get the game system he has been waiting over a month for.  We got home late last night so he woke up early today to play it.

The system takes photos too (shows a camera on the screen and a 3-2-1 countdown).  These photos can be uploaded to a PC or Facebook to be shared.

I walked onto the screen, next to Daeton and the X-Box automatically added me in the game as a two-player game.  I'm liking this already!

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