Sunday, November 6, 2011

Buzz Lightyear Operation Game for $1 Christmas Shopping!

I am not one to usually plan ahead and get my Christmas shopping done.  I always have the intent to, but often never do it.  Mainly because I hate shopping.  I just saw this sale and had to buy it.  I have a ton of friends and families' children that I buy Christmas presents for.

So, I signed up a 30-day free trial with Shop Runner and clicked on Toys R Us and went to their clearance page.  From there I clicked on 'board games' and the Buzz Lightyear Operation game is on sale for $1.

With Shop Runner I got 2-day shipping for free.

I bought two games.  Paid $1 each and 15 cents tax.

I'm proud of myself for getting two games, brand new, for $2.15 with out having to leave and go shopping!
Maybe I should have bought 3 or 4?  I guess I need to get my Christmas list written.

**** Update on this.  I received an email from Toys R Us that said they are out of inventory and are not going to ship them!  :-(  I printed it, saying the cost was $1 each.  I want to take it into their store and see if they have them there and see if they'll give me the games at the price on the sale.  Not sure if they will but it is worth trying.

They also sent me an email with a promo code offering $5 off my next online purchase.

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