Sunday, November 20, 2011

Statistics Show... Kids In Sports Are Less Likely To Do Drugs

I'm thinking football is FINALLY over, right?  

No more going to practice 3 times a week.
No more games every Saturday.  
No more washing his practice clothes every night and hanging them to dry so the sewn-in-pads won't get messed up in the dryer.
No more having football 5-7 and kickball 7-8:30 on the same night and having tired, grumpy kids the next day.


Anyways.. I can go on and on.

Well, after the championship game on Saturday, which Daeton's team WON, the whole team went to Topper's Pizza.  We were there for a few hours and are saying our good-byes and leaving when Daeton sees two boys from football outside by the door and they ask if he is joining baseball with them!

Daeton tells me, "Coach Thompson told us about it."

 Kaela wants to sign up for ballet or gymnastics and I told her she had to wait until football was over and track starts in February!  So, statistics show that kids in sports are less likely to do drugs.  But, can we wait a few weeks? At least? LOL! I know if we are at home too much with all down-time they were either watching tv too much or fighting.  But, taxi-mom is tired.

And, yes, yes, yes.  I am super proud.  

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