Tuesday, June 10, 2008

eBay, save money at the end

Often I sell things on eBay that due to size and/or weight are pick-up only. This is up to you if you want to do this. Some people do not like to meet buyers face-to-face and do not want them knowing where they live or work (depending on where the item is you are selling). So, this is at your description. I figure that if someone did a Google search they'd find my name, dob, address, blood type and a million other things that should be private so my address isn't the end of the world but since it do not think it is safe to invite strangers into my home with me and the kids home I either bring the item to them, have it outside or in my garage already, or meet them in a parking lot or at my dad's work. The garage thing works if it is too big to move or have in my van and transport.

When you do have an item like this do NOT use Paypal! Think frugal! Paypal takes 3.9% plus 20 cents per transaction (right now, rates do change sometimes). So, on a item that you sell for $100 you are already paying eBay and now pay Paypal $4.10. I ask them to pay me cash and all but one was fine with that (he preferred Paypal or a cashier's check for his own buyer's protection).

I recently sold something and the buyer was in Chatsworth. The item was to heavy for me to really lift so I had a friend come over (thank you, Joe) and put it in my van for me and I brought it to the guy. I was already meeting my dad for lunch in the valley so it was only 15 minutes out of my way. Well, the buyer was so happy that I brought it to him that he paid me $91, the amount of the auction, PLUS he gave me $ 15 more for the gas! This was great to me!

I got paid to bring it to him. Didn't tell him my address. and avoided the Paypal fees. All for 15 more minutes of my time!


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