Tuesday, June 24, 2008

HUGE garage sale

Okay everyone, the BIG GARAGE SALE is here. This weekend. Saturday
7am to-? And Sunday if we have lots left.

At Dennert Garage Door Co.
4785 E. Los Angeles Ave.
Simi Valley, Ca. 93063

Two drive ways to enter. Right on MAIN street with lots of traffic.

If you want to bring stuff to sell let me know. All I ask is that you
1- help make/put up signs. 2- pitch in for the ad ($20 in the Acorn,
already paid for by me). There were at least 5 families interested
before so the ad would be 1/5th of $20 if 5 people came. If you can't
afford to pitch in, that is fine too. 3- take home what is left since
the business will be open again on Monday and can't have clutter

There will be LOTS of stuff here that is mine or that we are selling
that is inside the offices.

Aprox. 15 boxes of homeschool books.
Aprox. 20 boxes of college text books.
Lots of vintage stuff like steamer trunks and small figurines.
Children's clothing.
Office furniture, cabinets, chairs, file folders, file cabinets (2
lateral ones).
Whole phone system. Paid over $25,000 for it (yes, that is the right
amount of zeros).
Forklift propane tanks.
Stained glass for garage doors (ones that they do not sell anymore).
Children's toys.
Couches and tables and desks.
Baby jogger.
5 bags of VHS movies.
Tv, vcr, tv wall mount stand.
Dishes and misc. utensils.

PLUS what ever other people decided to bring to sell too!

Please email or call me if you want to bring your own stuff to sell!

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  1. Hey, there--

    Your garage sale notice didn't go up on the list--at least I didn't see it--until just now. If you have any of those college textbooks left, I might be interested!