Wednesday, June 18, 2008

wierd crazy and bizarre on eBay

I have recently discovered that eBay has an 'everything else' category. This is for items that the seller could not find a category to fit the item they are selling. I have NO CLUE why these things sell. My brother thinks some are really people selling illegal substances. I can't say for sure. Some are just people bidding on crazy things for no reason at all.

Weird Stuff
Slightly Unusual
Really Weird
Totally Bizarre

Some things that I have seen lately;

an empty can of soda or energy drink. Selling anywhere from 99 cents to over $400. They say there is something 'extra' in the auction too since eBay ended the 'mystery gift' category.

A potato that looks like Mickey Mouse's head.

A bugger on a nose hair with a napkin (sold for about $6).

Someone shaving their kids and husband's head to raise money for the kids' wrestling team.

A piece of gum that is 33 years old and is the shape of a heart.

A jar of marbles that sold for $355.

Lots of silly, weird and strange stuff. BUT, do not look at with your kids around. There are some bondage/sex items and some photos with women in bikinis showing off LOTS of skin selling something completely different.

So, I'm going to try to list some soda cans! I will probably do it tomorrow! It can't hurt, right? We will see what happens!!!


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